The Best Of Earth Wind And Fire by Earth Wind And Fire

Earth Wind and Fire (also known as EWF) does not have a particular style of music. That is why this album, released on November 23, 1978, contains songs from many genres such as pop, R&B, soul, and more. The album consists of songs that were released between the years 1975 and 1978, some of the tracks were never on an Earth Wind and Fire album before. One of these songs was “Got To Get You Into My Life”, this song was first released by the Beatles in 1966. This song became a charting single as well as “September” which was a brand new song at the time.
Those were not the only famous songs from EWF. In 1975, the song “Shining Star” was rated fourth in Billboard top 100 Songs. Then in 1976, “Getaway” received seventy-ninth. Both of these songs are included in this album.
Personally, I like all the songs on the album. However, the songs I listen to the most on this album are “Got To Get You Into My Life”, “September”, Shining Star”, “Reasons”, and “Sing A Song”. I like these songs more than the others because I feel like the group displayed more of a rock and funk style in the songs (except for “Reasons”, that song is very slow and I’ve just grown to love it). “Shining Star” portrays funk and rock fusion the best. The song immediately starts with a guitar solo and then the bass is added along with the drums. The beginning continues to crescendo (get louder) until the brass section comes in with an extremely loud and powerful note and slowly decrescendo so the main melody of the song can begin. Other tracks on this album are “Fantasy”, “Can’t Hide Love”, “Love Music”, “Getaway”, and “That’s The Way Of The World”.
Earth Wind and Fire is a big band. They have multiple brass, saxophone, percussion, rhythm section players, and a flute player. Of course they have many vocalists which typically have voices that would fit into the alto and tenor section of a choir. However, the founder and lead singer, Maurice White, has a very unique voice that reach a variety of octaves (mostly the higher ones). EFW’s band size grew bigger by the year. The variety of instruments and performers allowed EFW to have multiple styles of music. Many of these styles are portrayed in this album, which shows that they are a well rounded group and this is a well rounded album.

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