The Best of Kansas

7 July 2019

This album takes you through 25 great years of Kansas’s hits, including “Carry On Wayward Son” and “The Wall.” It never gets boring, and I would know because I have played it for years.

Kansas’ style is generally relaxed, but they use a lot of complex parts that most groups wouldn’t dare try. For example, the song “Fight Fire With Fire” boasts a heavy guitar line and powerful lyrics. On the other hand, “Song For America” is mostly instrumental and much lighter, but both are great tunes. A classic rock fan can’t lose.

Kansas possesses a distinguished sound both in their vocals and instrumentation. They include a lot of challenging rhythms, especially complicated keyboard parts, including an organ/piano duet at the end of “Point of Know Return.”

And then you come to what makes a great album great: the tunes. Every single track is unique in attitude and sound. This set of songs is always easy to get into and really enjoy, whatever your mood.

Find and buy “The Best of Kansas.” Anyone who enjoys modern or classic rock music will definitely love this CD.

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