The Better Life by 3 Doors Down

8 August 2019

Most of the time Most of the music that I listen to is weird and unusual . I know few people that have heard of this band. The few people that know of them don’t give them much credit for their work. Kryptonite- is about being lost in there is nothing you can do to help it but to try and find your self. The identity of yourself is lost in your head and you don’t know who you are. Another song that I found to be interesting was Loser, the song is very straightforward and gets to the point that he feels like he is a loser, that he has no right to be “the cool kid”. That he was a mistake, makes up lies to fit in with all of his peers but he feels like he should just be dead. This song is very powerful and a strong song, I can relate to this one very easily. Life of my Own is another song that I connected to by how you should be able to live your life with no regrets and not have to look back on it. With this I just kinda connected to it because I once was told to live my own life, to get where I want to go to and finish strong. This album is for people who are in to rock bands, Personally I don’t like rock bands but for some reason I was drawn to this particular band.

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