The Bieber Equation by Justin Bieber

7 July 2019

Where to start with the infamous, to me at least, Justin Bieber? Maybe I should start with how he is one of the fastest rising artists of the century. Or maybe I should comment on “Baby”, the most viewed Youtube video in history? Thing is, it’s hard to write an impartial review about Bieber without being attacked by overzealous fans for being a “hater”. This is why I’m being as impartial as I can.

I’m gonna say it outright, and you can agree with me or disagree, Bieber is a fake “teen idol”. Too many people are so intoxicated by his young boyish voice that they can’t hear what’s being fed to them. He claims to be a songwriter, yet his songs lyrics are generic are boring. Half the time in “Baby” he’s just saying “Baby, baby, baby, oooohhhhhh”. That’s not good songwriting, that’s just lazy. I have no idea how this is the most watched video ever. If you wanted a song like this listen to Akon, Jonas Brothers, or even Miley Cyrus. You would get the exact same sound and content.

The Bieber Equation by Justin Bieber Essay Example

Fans claim Justin became famous because his Youtube videos were amazing and he is incredibly talented. No, the reason he became famous was because he was stumbled upon. He was in the exact right place and the right time. There are millions of wannabe singers and actors on Youtube, roughly half of those singers and superior in delivery, voice, and subject matter than Bieber. All Bieber sings about is innocent white boy love, which is boring. Give me five songs sung by Bieber that doesn’t mention a girl. Hard, ain’t it?

Finally, Bieber is described pretty well in Evanescence’s song “Everybody’s Fool”. In it, Amy Lee portrays a model for a company named Lies. The core meaning of the song is that many celebrities today use their looks to make them famous. “Look! Here she comes now! Bow down and stare in wonder!” This is one of my favorite lines, because it deals with the starstruck feeling. “And somehow you’ve got everybody fooled.” That is another great line, because Bieber puts himself forward as the perfect role model, which is not true. Everybody has skeletons in their closet. Everybody.

Pretty soon, Bieber, like all other teen pop sensations, will be dust in the wind.

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