The Big Bang by Rock Mafia

7 July 2019

Kevin Zegers
Miley Cyrus

The video begins with Kevin standing in a parking garage, sketching a graveyard. He begins to hear ghostly voices asking him if he misses her. He looks up and sees Miley drive up and look at him. He flashes back to a day on the beach and when he returns to that moment in time, he sees Miley drive off, only to be hit by a car. Kevin runs to make sure she is alright and finds the car abandoned.

So begins the chase of a lifetime. Kevin begins to follow his beloved around town, while every so often flashing back to the same day at the beach. Each time he comes close enough to touch Miley it seems she vanishes into thin air only to be found elsewhere a little while later. I found the premise to this music video to be slightly confusing and slightly intriguing.

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As I watched, I found myself repetitively thinking, This would be an amazing premise for a movie…(Maybe I’ll start work on that.)

The only problem I saw? Well, duh! Miley Cyrus. Actually she wasn’t too bad…when she was moving. When she would look at Kevin, attempting sexiness, it was obvious she was trying to be sexy, which really just made her look dumb. I wasn’t at all annoyed by her during the chase scenes or even the club scene (Shocking! It was *gasp* clean!), but when she found herself trying to be seductive or sexy, she was extremely irritating.

If you can ignore that (which I can), “The Big Bang” was a pretty entertaining, intriguing music video. Many debates have gone out about what the story behind the music video is. Was Rock Mafia trying to tell the story of lost love? Or of a love to come? Well, my personal opinion is that it’s the story of lost love. The flash backs seem to be memories; most times when–either in movies, TV shows or music videos–there’s a dream or fantasy, there’s usually no question about the fact that it’s a dream; this leads me to believe that “The Big Bang” is the story of a lost love.

Rock Mafia didn’t appear once throughout the video, but since I haven’t scene any of their other music videos, I can’t really comment on that. The message behind the song I also can’t comment on. I’m quite confused about this and have no desire to dig deeper if there is any chance of my finding the lyrics to be perverted. It was an entertaining and catchy song, but that is all I will say on that topic.

I give this video four and a half out of five stars, and the song, three just for confusion. But good job, Rock Mafia!

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