The Bill Of Rights Essay Research Paper

9 September 2017

The Bill Of Rights Essay, Research Paper

The Bill of Rights

Bill of Rights

The first 10 amendments to the US fundamental law are called the Bill of

Rights because they provide basic legal protection for single rights. The

footings besides applied to the English Bill of Rights of 1689 and the Canadian Bill

of Rights 1960, and to similar warrants in the fundamental laws of the American


From the position of two centuries, it can be said that Madison chose

good among they pyramid of proposal sin the province. he included all the great

rights appropriate for constitutional protection. The US Bill of Rights

contains the authoritative stock list of single rights, and it has served as the

criterion for all subsequenent efforts to sage guard human rights.

The first American usage of the term was in 1774 when the first

Continental Congress adopted the declaration and resolutenesss, which was popularly

termed the Bill of Rights because it was an American equivalent of the English

Bill of Rights. Two old ages subsequently came the Virginia declaration of rights, which

R / & gt ;

contained the first warrants for single right individual gully enforceable

fundamental law. The typical characteristic of the proviso in American Bill of

Rights is that they are enforced by the tribunals.

From the clip they foremost settled in Virgin and Massachusetts, the

American settler relied upon the rights enjoyed by Englishmen. The battle for

independency, nevertheless, demonstrated to them that rights non specified and

codified in constitutional paperss were insecure. The consequence was a motion

every bit shortly as independency was declared, to follow bindings fundamental laws that

limited governmental power and protected single rights. Seven of the

13 provinces adopted fundamental laws that included specific measures of rights.

The first province measure of rights was the Virginia Declaration of Rights, adopted

as portion of the province B & # 8217 ; s first fundamental law on June 12,1776.

Virginia & # 8217 ; s declaration, drafted chiefly by George Manson, served as the

theoretical account both for similar province paperss and for the US Bill of Rights. It

provided warrants for most of the rights secured in the latter papers.

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