Like most of Dali’s work, there Is a lot going on in The Birth of a Man. Dali never really gave an explanation about what point he intended to make in his work. That Is always left up to the viewer to decide what it means to them. In this Incredible painting a very young starving-looking child Is hid behind what Is thought to be his mother peeking around her to see an incredible image. Behind her Is a huge egg with a man breaking out of the Inside of It with blood seeping out of the rigid crack. What is interesting about the egg is that it appears to be the globe.

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You can make out what appears to be the continents Africa, America, and Europe. Furthermore, it appears the man Is breaking out of the united States and seems to have a grip on Europe. At first I was confused by this and didn’t understand what this could mean. upon further research I found that this piece was painted In 1942, Just after WWII. I believe Dali was trying to show the tight grip America had on Europe after the war was finished. The colors of the painting are all quite dull with dfferent shades of brown.

I believe this Is to signify the somber feelings left for everything lost in the war. Also the draped cloth above and below the egg represents the “placenta” of the new nation which, as Dall shows with a drop of blood, can only be born through much pain and suffering. The mother of the child stands in the foreground and points to the emerging man, acknowledging the birth of this global transformation. In the very background on the left hand side we find tiny characters borrowed from another famous painting called “The Marriage of a Virgin” by Raphael.

I am uncertain of why they are there but it may be because Dali looked to Raphael as an inspiration. There are so many things we find in this painting symbolizing something else. There Is such a morbid feeling you get looking at

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It that It leaves you feeling sad and scared at the same time. t Of2 different opinion than mine. I do believe everyone will agree the surrealism in this painting is quite incredible and very vibrant. Hopefully we can all see through this painting how different things could have been if the war was won by Europe.

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