The Black Album by Metallica

10 October 2019

The Metallica Black Album
When it comes to metal music most people would think it is a combination of loud guitars, screeching vocals, deep bass and drums. Some bands are like that, or portray some of these characteristics, but not all bands live up to this stereotype. A great example would be Metallica, specifically their fifth studio album, The Black Album. The Black Album is different from their previous albums, with the main differences being it has a new style, popularity, and it’s songs.
Metallica is mainly considered as a thrash metal band, but The Black Album was titled“Less harsh” compared to the previous albums. It is not uncommon for bands to switch up their style in a few ways, but it is unusual to see bands switch their style entirely. A new style means making new riffs, rhythms, and lyrics which Metallica delivers in an outstanding way. With a new sound and style comes new songs.
The Black Album has a lot of great hits. The first and most popular song on the list is “Enter Sandman.” After a slow start with the deep sounding bass and guitar the song then kicks off with loud drums and vocals. Along with an unforgettable riff this song features lyrics about a twisted take on the famous “Sandman”. The next song, Sad but True, a song about blind faith takes you by surprise with a loud blast of all the instruments. This song features a heart pounding riff that will have you headbanging in a matter of seconds. Wherever I May Roam, the next greatest hit starts off with a rather unusual sound. A Sitar and twelve string bass create a different and pleasing start to the song, and prepares you for the rest of the song which includes lyrics about touring and being on the road. The Black album also features two very popular power ballads.
The Unforgiven is the first power ballad on the Black Album, followed by Nothing Else Matters. The Unforgiven is a huge game changer for Metallica. While listening to it it may not seem like anything different, although not their first power ballad it is different from the others. Dave Mustaine the former guitarist for Metallica stated The Unforgiven was his favorite song off the album because it was the first song where he could really hear James Hetfield sing. This song also has two sequels; The Unforgiven II and The Unforgiven III. Nothing else matters is the other power ballad of the two. James Hetfield claims he wrote the song about a girlfriend he once had but later changed the meaning of the song to be about his fans because nothing else matters besides them. These power ballads and the other tracks on the list made Metallica even more popular.
The Black Album was very popular and was very successful. Songs from the album played on more stations, this being that they appealed to more people. Metallica was already a very popular metal band at the time, and was included in “The Big Four” which consisted of: Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax. In the music business, popularity is most important when it comes to success. Playing songs that attracted people to buy the album was a skill Metallica mastered. The Black Album sold over 16 million copies making it one of the best selling metal records of all time.
A new style, new songs, and popularity make this a great album for anyone who listens to metal music, and also for people who aren’t familiar with metal music. Great music like this is hard to come across when compared to all the new genres people are listening to. This is someones best bet when it comes to experiencing a type of music that may become extinct if it does not have creative minds such as Metallica. I encourage whoever reads this to give the album a chance, metalhead or not.

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