The Black Cat Essay Research Paper

9 September 2017

The Black Cat Essay, Research Paper

& # 8220 ; The Black Cat & # 8221 ; Essay The Romantic period has legion features that help to separate it from other literary periods. A big bulk of the pieces found in this period have at least one of the typical elements. Edgar Allan Poe uses a few of these elements to set a clip frame on his short narrative, & # 8220 ; The Black Cat & # 8221 ; . Poe begins his short narrative by stating that & # 8220 ; For the most wild, yet most homely narrative which I am about to write, I neither expect nor solicit belief & # 8221 ; . A large feature of Romanticism is a willing suspension of incredulity. It is ne’er even thought that the secret plan to the narrative would be taken as being true, but instead as a made up narrative to acquire the attending of the reader. This besides allows the reader to conceive of if such a instance were to really happen. Each word that is read is meant to be doubted, and idea of as being perfectly eccentric, and with each new turn more uncertainty is created. Escapism, another cardinal factor in Romanticism, is seen throughout the short narrative. The chief character, who is ne’er specifically identified, is running from his life by vitamin D

rinking alcohol. The alcohol eventually leads to the destruction of the first black cat, Pluto. The man felt the need to escape from Pluto even though the animal was one of his most beloved pets. His wife and the second cat are being run from merely for the disturbing conscious that they provide for him. Bizarre and unusual plots are often found in the Romantic period, and Poe does not hold back in his efforts. To deliberately cut the cats eye out of its socket is both bizarre and unusual regardless of being intoxicated or not. Even further, to hang the cat by a noose is ranked borderline for insanity. But the most abnormal act is that of getting rid of your wife by creating a tomb in the walls of your home would definitely be insane. Such acts are used in this literary piece to illustrate clearly that many factors weigh in to the different writing periods. The Romantic period, known for such elements as improbable plots and unlikely characters, is an important era in literature. Poe used a very unusual plot to create a vivid image of what the Romantic period truly was, and his work will be looked at for years to come

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