The Black Crowes – Lions

8 August 2019

I recently purchased the Black Crowes’ new CD,”Lions.” This highly anticipated release is The Crowes’ sixth, andthose who enjoy a great old-fashioned rock album will be thrilled.

Thelead track, “Midnight from the Inside Out,” is not preferred by manycritics, but is one of my favorites. The second track, “Lickin’,”sports the sneering vocals of front man Chris Robinson. This song encompasses adifferent vibe from most of the others, making it stand out.

The Black Crowes – Lions Essay Example

My favoritesongs would have to be the Led Zeppelin-esque ballads, such as “Losing MyMind” and “Miracle to Me.”

The Crowes, more than ever,prove on this CD that they are still at the top of their game by playing musicwith a rhythm that most bands do not possess. There is something for everyonehere, and I recommend picking up “Lions” by The Black Crowes.

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