The Black Halo(2005) by Kamelot

9 September 2019

If you’ve read my review for Ghost Opera, you may have checked out the band by now, if not, this album is much better.

The Black Halo is one of many albums that many Kamelot fans are first introduced by along with Karma and Epica. This album includes anything from a march, to a ballad, to an epic. There are also a couple of singles such as The Haunting(Somewhere In Time) which also features Epica’s Simone Simmons. But you can also say that Abandoned and March of Mephisto are also single tracks.

This album has everything you like in a power metal album and a symphonic metal album in one nice little package of about an hour. In terms of the album status and how it holds up today, I give it a 9.5/10

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