"The Black Parade takes the streets witha ROAR!" MCR album review

8 August 2019

The Black Parade made the crowd ROAR!

My Chemical Romance Album Review

"The Black Parade takes the streets witha ROAR!" MCR album review Essay Example

By Reed Martizna

The Black Parade takes the streets of Rock as being lead by My Chemical Romance, the true kings of Punk Rock. “The Black Parade” is truly an album to remember. To hearing the roar of the crowd to the House of Wolves, this album is one to rock out to. Lead singer, Gerald Way and his fellow band members made this album due to their recovery to drugs and alcohol.
They first started out out as a screamo rock band, then they were not making enough money to go on because of their several arrests from driving to sadly Gerald stripping in concert as he was drunk. Overall, The band went downhill from stardom. A year after rehab, they went started back up on a new album, The Black Parade.

The My Chemical Romance album has everything a rocker would love. Awesome singing, Hardcore guitar solos, and the beat of heart on the drums. The only poor thing about this album is that there is not enough songs. Only Thirteen songs plus a bonus track that is not the good as the other songs. But, One song can’t ruin a whole album. The main songs that you will get stuck in your head is “Dead!”, “Welcome to the Black Parade”, “Disenchanted”, and “Teenagers”. Those songs have great lyrics, wonderful beat, and awesome singing that you will be humming to for days. All the rest of the songs are okay songs but not ones to sing or even hum about. On this album, there is thirteen songs plus a bonus track “Blood” which the first minute and a half is nothing but an instrumental. So practically, A waste of a track on a great CD. But, One hidden track isn’t going to ruin a great rockin’ out album.

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