The Blue Album by Weezer

7 July 2019

Got the blues? So does Weezer, an American rock band that originated in 1992 in Los Angeles. Weezer’s albums tend to be identified by their cover colors. “The Blue Album” was the band’s premiere, released in 1994.

When you first delve into “The Blue Album,” you find yourself warmly embraced by the easy tune of “My Name Is Jonas.” By the time the song comes to an end, the band has already given you that hug that you so desperately needed and has stood you back on your feet. It’s a cool journey from there. As you cruise down the road riding shotgun, Weezer takes the wheel and distracts you from your problems by telling you about their own girl troubles in “No One Else.” As you reach a red light, Weezer tells you a story about their past with “The World Has Turned and Left Me Here.” The song leaves you breathless and you begin to ponder whether any of your problems are all that terrible after all. The light turns green and the uplifting tune of “Buddy Holly” takes you on an epic joyride.

You’re lulled to sleep in the car on the way to the beach as you experience “Only in Dreams.” You awaken to the “Sweater Song” and Weezer pulls up to the boardwalk for “Surf Wax America,” a lovely, carefree, easy day of surfing at the beach. “In the Garage” comes on and you experience your childhood again, rediscovering the safety and security of that special place. As your “Holiday” ends, you’re left sighing “Say It Ain’t So” and you pack your things back in the car, thus ending your perfect day with Weezer.

By now you’ve forgotten what this article was about, and that’s exactly what “The Blue Album” does too; it makes you forget your worries. This album is perfect for those rainy days that leave you wishing for sun – or any day. Weezer’s awesome tunes make you remember the important things in life and realize that your troubles are not so tragic.

Everyone should give this album a chance. “The Blue Album” left me jubilant, joyful, and wanting more.

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