The Blue Hotel Essay Research Paper

7 July 2017

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The Blue Hotel Essay Research Paper
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The Blue Hotel Essay, Research Paper

& # 8220 ; The Blue Hotel & # 8221 ;

The Story & # 8220 ; The Blue Hotel & # 8221 ; by Stephen Crane was one that inspires a batch of idea. This idea is about scenes, characters, and thoughts. The characters he creates are really different from each other, as shown in comparings to each other. The usage of symbolism in the narrative lets us conceive of why the hotel is painted bluish and we can inquire about the character of the Swede for long periods of clip. These elements combined have made this narrative really good.

The scenes in the narrative are a really large focal point of Stephen Crane. He develops them really good and makes them really serve a intent in the narrative. The colour blue painted on the exterior of the hotel could typify its old age and the dark and drab ambiance environing it. The hotel seems to be a microcosm because it is the cardinal point for all of the narrative & # 8217 ; s characters. The lone topographic point that they interact with each other is inside of the hotel and the chief points of the narrative go on at that place. All of the violent confrontations happen in the hotel or around its evidences. The chief battle between the Swede and Johnny is outside in the acrimonious cold in the street. The hotel could perchance alter the characters believing and do them to be truly eldritch. This is shown when Scully shows the Swede images of his dead household ( 269 ) . What individual in their & # 8220 ; right & # 8221 ; head would demo person who thinks they are traveling to be killed a image of person who was killed? These illustrations show how the scenes are more of import so the characters themselves.

The characters are really odd in this narrative. It & # 8217 ; s really difficult to believe of how such a group could hold been formed. The differences among the work forces are big. The cowpuncher is the rugged and baleful type, while the easterner

is really unfastened and joyful. Johnnie is non like his pa, Scully. They seem to be foils of each other. The Swede is merely really alone and in a category by himself. He is a authoritative instance of a paranoid schizophrenic. Don’t believe me? How approximately when he says, “I’m crazy-yes, but I know one thing“ ( 267 ) . That one thing is he knows is that he will be killed shortly, really shortly.

The job and/or inquiry of whether or non the Swede would hold been killed whether Johnnie had participated in that battle by his cheating or non, is easy to reply. The Swede had a decease want and wanted to decease. Some illustrations of this are when he takes a drink of the intoxicant offered to him by Scully ( 269 ) . If you thought you were in danger, would you imbibe anything specially offered to merely you? But the Swede merely laughed it off and gulped the drink right down. They did non all collaborate in the slaying of the Swede. I saw no grounds of this except that they didn & # 8217 ; t assist him at all. They caused no injury to him in any manner except for the & # 8220 ; card-fight & # 8221 ; which was a customary thing to hold after being accused of rip offing. But that brings about an interesting point within itself. Make the Swede know that he would acquire into a battle after making such and perchance be killed? As the Cowboy said, & # 8220 ; Kill him, Johnnie! Kill him! Kill him! Kill him! & # 8221 ; ( 275 ) . The gambler at the terminal who really kills the Swede is provoked plenty to perpetrate the awful act. The Swede was non merely indiscriminately attacked by a knife exerting psycho.

In decision, I would presume that the Swede would hold died no affair what the other folks did to him in the narrative. He was a whack occupation with a decease want and was really heady if he wasn & # 8217 ; t. I can state for certain that I would non wish to see the Blue Hotel and run into some of the unusual clients that arrive there daily.

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