The Body Farm

11 November 2016

Scarpetta’s actions show that she is in good mental and physical shape. For example, every “morning [she] woke up” and she “went out for a run in the brisk, moist air” (159). In this quote the author tells the reader that Kay Scarpetta runs on a daily basis. This means that along with being physically fit, she is able to allow her mind to push herself every morning to get up and go running. In addition, Kay Scarpetta was wondering “if there might be some other explanation for why she chosen this route” (113). In this quote the reader can conclude the Dr. Scarpetta is logically trying to find a reason for why she chose the route that she did.

Additionally, the author describes Kay and how there is a “fierce battle being fought in [her] mind” (168). As a result, Kay’s mind is becoming stronger. Good mental and physical shape is portrayed by Kay Scarpetta’s actions. By examining Dr. Kay Scarpetta’s appearance the reader can see that she is a wealthy person. For instance, the “black flight suit” was recognizable to Kay Scarpetta (52). In this quote Kay Scarpetta was able to recognize this specific flight suit since she is able to afford to fly on airplanes a lot.

The Body Farm Essay Example

For example, Kay “still wasn’t certain why [she] had bought [her] charcoal Mercedes 500E” (169). In this quote the author is stating that Kay doesn’t know why she really did buy the car. This shows that she is wealthy because if she wasn’t then why would she randomly buy a new car for a reason that was unknown. Additionally, Kay would wear a “boldly colorful warm-up suit [she] wore on the occasions when [she] played tennis” (170). This means that she has enough money to buy a warm-up suit for only whenever she plays tennis. Dr. Scarpetta could be thought as a wealthy person by examining her appearance.

Kay Scarpetta’s speech shows that she is well educated. To illustrate that she is educated Dr. Kay Scarpetta said that if “you make those casts, and you’re going to find the impression on the shoulder’s going to match the impression back there on the road” (261). This quote informs the reader that Kay Scarpetta is a well educated woman in this field. The reader can conclude that Kay had special training of some sort to be able to know about how to make and find impressions. In addition, Dr. Scarpetta found out that the “Bureau knows that I couldn’t have been Lucy’s thumb scanned into the biometric lock system” (373).

In this quote the author mentions the biometric lock system. That lock system must be familiar to Dr. Scarpetta since she knew about it and could tell that it was not Lucy’s thumb print. For example, Kay Scarpetta is giving the autopsy Emily and she notices “the visceral pleura shows scattered petechiae along the interlobar fissures” (99). This means that Kay went to medical school because she knows these terms that only a medical examiner would know. By examining Dr. Scarpetta’s speech it informs the reader that she is well educated. Dr. Kay Scarpetta has several different personalities.

For instance, Dr. Scarpetta “began to dread working late at night” (2). This quote is describing how she is not working as hard as she used to. In addition, Kay Scarpetta “could not stop wondering what more [she] could have done” (4). This means that Kay Scarpetta was working really hard to try and figure something out. This is another side of her personality. Additionally, Dr. Kay Scarpetta “got [her] revolver out of the briefcase” (327). In this quote she is taking out a revolver and is thinking about using it, but previously she mentioned that she does not like to use guns. Ms. Scarpetta has multiple personalities.

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