The Bones Of What You Believe by CHVRCHES

Scotland’s newest electro-pop band CHVRCHES is entering the music scene gracefully and with impact with their first new album The Bones Of What You Believe. At first listen, the album sounds well crafted and each song has the perfect amount of layers and depth. The band utilizes both classical instruments as well as synthetic to create a dreamy sound that brings both 80’s pop nostalgia as well as a modern day electronic feel.

CHVRCHES’ lead singer Lauren Mayberry is accompanied by Ian Cook on guitar and Martin Doherty on synthesizer. The three Scots blend together perfectly to create their unique style of electro-pop that leaves music junkies begging for the next album’s release. The band’s sound is often compared to HAIM, MS MR, M83, and the infamous Brit award winner London Grammar.

Many of the album’s songs are reflections on relationships or express a longing for love and affection; however, CHVRCHES is not your typical heart broken pop group. “Lungs” screams warning of “your last chance” and showcases the incredible vocal range of lead singer Lauren Mayberry. “The Mother We Share” takes on a more upbeat and motivational tone and demonstrates the band’s ability to create tracks with depth. “Night Sky” and “Gun”, two of my favorite tunes, show the lead’s feisty and independent side with unforgettable lines like “I don’t want you now and for all time” and “you had better run from me with everything you own.”

Since the albums release, CHVRCHES has performed on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and at dozens of international music festivals including Melt! Festival and Reading Festival. Also, the band scored big with their single “The Mother We Share” and won the Twenty Quid Music Prize for best British pop single in 2013. Their music appears 2 video games and on hit TV series like Grey’s Anatomy and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

CHVRCHES’ first album has left fans in awe and mesmerized by their layered lyrics and instrumentals and with a hope for new music in the near future.

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