The Book Thief

10 October 2016

From then on death narrates the story of a girl who moves into a foster home where she develops relationships between her new Papa and Mama, her best friend Rudy, her secret friend Max, but most importantly we witness her relationship with books and words that take her on a journey though life. Using your prescribed text, examine what the composer of this text reveals about Changing Perspectives and how they convey these ideas (750 words). It is expected that you will identify and analyse at least 2 techniques /forms /features.

Use the PETAL structure to help you remain analytical. Mark Zusak reveals the concept of Changing Perspectives in his book ‘The Book Thief’ through how he has personi? ed Death as the narrator. He does this in such a way that causes the reader to reconsider their thoughts on ‘what’ death is, and to then ask themselves about ‘who’ death is. The idea of who death is, is challenged when Zusak writes, “Yes, I know it. In the darkness of my dark-beating heart, I know. He’d have loved it all right. You see? Even death has a heart. (p262) Truncated sentences are used here to help quickly convey to the audience the new aspect of who death as a personi? ed character is. Emotive language used by death in this quote allows the audience to see a compassionate side of death that is not normally explored in other texts. Death also states in this quote about how he has a heart which also makes the audience reconsider and change their perspectives of death as they now view death as a being that feels things and has a mind like a human. “Im always ? ding humans at their best and worst. Still, they have one thing I envy.

Humans, If nothing else, have the good sense to die. (p522) Lexical choice is used by Zusak to show the feelings of Death as the narrator. By death saying he envy’s humans ‘good sense to die’ it makes that audience think about death as a character and how death is jealous of humans. This is a concept not seen by most people so the fact that it is brought up in this quote makes the reader challenge what they think of death and consider whether death is a ? ure to be feared of, or a ? gure to be empathetic to. In ‘The Book Thief’ by Mark Zusak, the concept of Changing Perspectives is revealed through how he makes the audience reconsider the character of Death as a personi? ed being that is compassionate towards and also is jealous of humans. Changing Perspectives is revealed in ‘The Book Thief’ through how Zusak accepts the idea that change is inevitable and impacts the course of ones life and then how he portrays this idea through the paths in which he sets his characters on.

Zusak shows an example of this in the chapter ‘A Short History of the Jewish Fist-Fighter’ (p202-212) Analepsis is used throughout this chapter as it tells a story of the live of Max before he was being hunted for being of Jewish blood. By reading this chapter the audience begin to understand who Max was before the war, so that by the end of the book you can have a full understanding of the changes that Max went through as a person, and how the change that was brought upon him, signi? cantly changed the course of his life.

By using analepsis here to show the transition Max went through due to Hitlers rein, the reader sees the past and present of Max’s life which causes them to change their perspectives of who Max is. Zusak reinforces the idea of that change is inevitable and will change the course of ones life, where he writes, “If nothing else, the old man would die like a human. Or at least with the thought that he was a human. ” (p422) Repetition of the word ‘human’ emphasises the fact that due to Hans giving bread him bread, the Jewish man has now started to view himself as a human once more.

This also shows the reader that by Hans recognising the old jewish man as human, the life of the Jewish man is signi? cantly impacted as he now feels something of worth and can die now knowing he is a human. This act of giving bread also impacts the life of Hans, as Hans is made to join the army in the most dangerous class of work as he is now seen as a ‘Jew Lover’. Through this quote the audience can see that change is inevitable and impacts the course of ones life, as through one act of kindness, two mens lives are signi? cantly impacted. Zusak explores the concept of changing erspectives through how he incorporates the idea that change is inevitable and impacts the course of ones life, into the roles of his characters in his book ‘The Book Thief’. 2) Related Text a. Locate a related text that includes and explores the concept of Changing Perspectives. Compose a summary/synopsis of the text (plot/themes/ characters/key concerns). (100 words only) Changes – Tupac Shakur Changes by Tupac, is a song about the struggles and racial issues of African American people living in the poverty stricken areas or ‘Ghetto’s’ of America.

Tupac sings about the injustices for his people living in poverty and how people need to stand up and make a change for the better, as the way things are going are not helping to produce a better future for the people growing up in these areas. Tupac targets young people through his songs and this song is an example of how he is trying to in? uence the young people to be the beginning of a change. b. Using your chosen related text, examine what the composer of this text reveals about Changing Perspectives and how they convey these ideas (750 words).

It is expected that you will identify and analyse 2 techniques/ forms/features. Use the PETAL structure to help you remain analytical. ‘Changes’ by Tupac explores the idea of Changing perspectives through how the songs lyrics are used to target young people with a message of making a difference to end the poverty and injustices for African American people. This can be seen where Tupac writes “We gotta make a change… It’s time for us as a people to start makin’ some changes. Inclusive pronouns such as ‘We’ and ‘us’ are used here to engage the young listeners with the song as it makes the them feel as if the artist is talking directly to them and including them in the ? ght for justice and ? ght against poverty, which is message that Tupac is conveying. The use of these inclusive pronouns also makes the listeners think about, accept and agree with the message that composer is targeting them with throughout the song, which in turn changes their perspectives on the issue. This is reinforced in the text where Tupac sings “Let’s change the way we eat, let’s change the way we live and let’s hange the way we treat each other. ” Repetition of the ‘let’s change’ is used by the composer here to reinforce this idea of change for the better that is seen throughout the lyrics of the song, and in this way challenges the perspectives of the young readers and persuades them to get on side with message that is repeatedly being pushed by the artist. Again, the fact the the composer has used repetition with the word ‘let’s’ also directly engages the listener again and again through the uses of this inclusive pronoun which helps the composer get the listeners on side with his message.

Changing Perspectives can be seen in Tupac’s song ‘Changes’ through the way in which he composes his lyrics to connect with the target audience and in turn gets them to challenge and change their perspectives on the struggles and racial issues of African American people living in poverty. The concept of Changing perspectives is revealed by Tupac through how he writes the lyrics in a way that makes him as the artist sound as if he is talking to and questioning the listener about the struggles that African American communities are facing. Tupac reveals this concept through the lyrics, “Is life worth living?

Should I blast myself? ” Rhetorical questions are used here to get the listener into the mind of someone going through these hardships and contemplating these thoughts. These lyrics show the extent of how bad things can get of people in these situations and how there is a prominent feeling of hopelessness for these people, so much that they feel as if suicide is the only way to get out of his endless struggle. By doing this, the composer is causing the listeners to reevaluate their perspectives on the issues that face African American people in poverty stricken areas.

The idea of Changing Perspectives can be seen again through the line, “I see no changes. All I see is racist faces. ” Imagery in ‘All I see is racist faces. ’ creates a picture inside the minds of the audience, making them think about who these people are and the injustice that they are bringing to the african american community through this racism. Also, the phrase ‘I see no changes. ’ can be seen repeated throughout the text, reinforcing the ideas of nothing changing with the poverty and struggles of disadvantaged african american communities.

The use of these two phases next to each other causes the audience to think about the ongoing struggle with racism for these people and in doing so, challenges and changes the perspectives on these issues. Changing Perspectives is revealed by Tupac in his song lyrics through how he engages the audience with his message by using techniques that challenge the minds of the listeners and challenge their preconceived ideas of how these struggles impact the african american community. 3) Re? ection Statement a.

Thinking about the concept of Changing Perspectives, and what you have learnt in class and from your own research, de? ne and brie? y discuss what the concept Changing Perspectives now means to you (200 words). Through my extensive research on the concept of Changing Perspective both in the prescribed text of ‘The Book Thief’ by Mark Zusak, and my related text ‘Changes’ by Tupac Shakur, I have established an understanding of what this idea means to me and how it can be used to in? uence the audiences perspectives.

Changing perspectives is the moving from one point of view to another point of view due on an altering circumstance. To me, Changing Perspectives is an inevitable part of life that will always cause an impact on the course of ones life. This concept to me is a major part of life as it de? nes who people are and can be altered by the slightest of changes that one might come across. Also, you can use this concept to change the perspectives of others through questioning preconceived ideas in ones mind and then opposing or adding to those ideas, therefore causing the person to reconsider their own thoughts on a subject.

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