The Boston Beer Company

2 February 2018

Unfortunately, the company experienced the failure of conquering light beer segment in 1998 as the beer market is a highly competitive industry, which requires not only the great product but also high brand awareness.

Right now there is an attractive opportunity for BBC to enter the field of light beer once again. Should Boston Beer Company capture this chance or let it slip? Before presenting new light beer and cut the risk of second epic fail, Boston Beer Company have to examine in detail the feeling and thoughts of light beer drinkers. Moreover,BBC should understand why such an extraordinary flavors and heartiness Lightship did not succeed. To find out what is light beer experience 1 700 males and females (ages 25-39) were surveyed to find out what is light beer experience. The field study (Exhibit AAA) proved that light beer is more about simplicity, energy and group identity rather than full-bodied, happy and flavors drink. Because of this misleading concept, which BBC heavily invested in, creating strong brand image, Lightship sales have eroded to 3,000 sales per month in 1998.In the first place, Light beer consumers are aware of implicitly of a drink.

Let has to be simple in taste, appearance and scent. * The taste should not be complex and bitter * The scent has to be barely perceptible * The label should deliver lively colors as a symbol of energy, sports activity and celebrations Secondly, interviewees consider light beer with refreshing endless-control. The gulp of light beer should be positioned as jumping into refreshing pool and energy giving, which links to healthy environment.Lots of people would like to drink light beer after any sports or physical activity like basketball game because it is low-alcohol beverage, which gives self- unconsciousness and control over alcohol effects. Furthermore, light beer can be a fuel that will drive you to continue swimming match, for example. Thirdly, surveyed males and females drew the link between the light beer and group identity. Certain drinks delivers a certain message about who you are, your social position and activities that you do.

Light beer can be a social sign and the effect of group awareness.Light beer drinkers may have a perception about their choice of low-alcohol beverage as maintaining the control over the weight and “belatedness”. All things considered, the identified constructs bout light beer experience are interrelated and can be easily combined in a map with its core and links to other concepts. Group identity Weight control Sports activity Healthy Energy Self-Control Refreshing Simplicity Social status This is a summary of characteristics that light beer should have according to Field Study Team’s Narrative Summary of the Light Beer Experience.It might be useful to compare this map to the vision of successful giants as Corona and Bud Light to observe common and distinctive constructs. Corona positions its product with happy moods, joy to life and “don’t try so hard” incept. Here is the obvious matching with simplicity and maybe sports activity as it brings us joy and happiness to life.

Most of the pictures associated to Corona’s constructs show the social belongingness of people spending their time together. It can be considered as group identity that is reflected by social drink. Bud Light is focusing on refreshment and flavor.

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