The Boxed Set

11 November 2018

What’s this? A brand new Led Zeppelin boxed set? The first official release by Led Zeppelin since 1982? 54 songs? 4 compact discs? Over 7 hours of music? Wow! I should probably go purchase it. What’s this? 60 bucks? 4 new tunes? 50 old ones? The same ones that are on the compact discs I’ve already bought? A booklet with an essay by Kurt Loder? Hmmmm. Maybe I shouldn’t buy it. What’s this? 45 bucks? All the songs are digitally remastered by Jimmy Page? A booklet with brilliant new full-color photos of Zep? Rumors of a possible Led Zeppelin reunion? Friends buying it left and right? Oh boy! Maybe I’ll reconsider. What’s this? The songs are “clearer” ? Less hiss? Sounds as though the songs could have been recorded within the last year? Rarities like “Hey Hey What Can I Do?”and “Traveling Riverside Blues” ? Hey, alright! I believe I’ve spent my money wisely. What’s this? I copied the CDs onto tape and they came out distorted? On some songs you can hear Robert Plant breathing in the background? On “The Song Remains the Same” you can hear John Bonham’s bass drum pedal squeak? Are these songs actually clearer or just louder? I’m out 45 bucks for tunes I already own?? ARGHHH!! (grumble grumble etc). What’s this? A brand new Yes boxed set?…….n

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