The Breakfest Club Essay Research Paper The

9 September 2017

The Breakfest Club Essay, Research Paper

The Breakfast Club

Theresa Puchta is really accurate in her description of the virtues and restrictions of

John Hughes movies. Almost all of the features and subjects she has described in the article: suburban scene, obscure societal concerns, high school coteries, uncaring parents, characters have oning the latest manners and top 40 soundtrack music have been proven true in The Breakfast Club.

The film has a suburban scene inside a high school, and the characters each belong to one of the high school coteries: monster, princess, bully, athlete and geek. At the really beginning of the film when the characters are introduced, each of them are having a thrust from one of their parents who is either excessively pushful, nescient, or uncaring. Subsequently on in the film when each of the characters portion their narratives, they all reveal that their parents supply them with an disappointing place life. This rings true to the subject of losing or detached parents mentioned by Theresa Puchta. Although all of the characters are clothed to accommodate their peculiar portion in the film, they have been done so based on the latest manners that certain coterie adopted at that clip. For illustration, it was in manner for athletes to have on their school s athletics jackets, for geeks to have on the cardigans and khakis, toughs to have on leather jackets, creep to have on an mixture of vesture, and the popular misss to have on the manner magazine tendencies. All of the characters are dressed in one of these ways. The soundtrack attach toing the film was created by a really popular top 40 set. The characters in this film do non truly expose societal concerns, outside of their ain. They merely address the concerns of their lives, none of society. The article was right on with these points.

The biggest and most attractive characteristic of Hughes movies is the realistic duologue, critics say it is hip-just the manner teens talk. Theresa Puchta puts a small spin on that, she writes though Hughes duologue is realistic, amusing and literate-certainly several non

ches above the garbage normally spoken by people in adolescent films-it s sometimes a spot excessively rich. This point brings a batch of truth. This is decidedly displayed during conversations between the five high school pupils when they try to psychologically calculate each other out. For illustration, the tough is criticized by the others as merely dissembling up the fact that he knows he doesn t truly matter to anyone, and cognizing that no affair how hard he tries he won t tantrum in. The teens slip these types of observations into their conversations so easy. Although teens do come up with profound statements it is normally after cognizing the individual good or the consequence of a certain emotion/fact that individual has made you realize. In The Breakfast Club the teens begin to analyse the toughs behaviour in the beginning of the film after disbursement merely a few proceedingss with him in detainment. Besides this nevertheless, as Theresa pointed out, the slang is really realistic and full of footings which adolescents used such as blazing up which means to smoke marihuana.

Theresa Puchta writes that one point Hughes has in his favor is the absence of gratuitous sex-indeed, virtually any nudity-in his movies. In the same article, Hughes is quoted as stating that most of his characters are romantic instead than sexual.

– When love affair flowers in the film between the bully and the princess type, their buss, though in a sexual scene ( cupboard ) displays earnestness, understanding and existent fondness. This is besides the instance for the creep and the athlete. There is perfectly no nakedness in this film. As mentioned by Theresa, females get better intervention in Hughes movies than other movies. The females in this film are non depicted as sex objects, ideas, feelings and actions put away by the female characters have every bit much to make with registration of the secret plan as those put Forth by the male characters.

This wraps up the descriptions of the virtues and restrictions of the movies of John Hughes, as wrote in John Hughes: The Teen Film Director As Auteur and agreed to by me, based on my personal observations throughout the movie.

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