The Brian Setzer Orchestra – The Dirty Boogie

9 September 2019

Are you looking for a traditional swing sound with a modern guitar twist? Well, that’s exactly what you’ll get with this album. This new CD from an old band is definitely a change from the usual modern rock genre. Brian Setzer uses a big band back-up group (complete with trombones, trumpets, saxophones, drums and basses) to jazz up his guitar playing and vocals. The first single off the album, “Jump Jive An’ Wail,” is a great song, originally recorded in 1956. The use of a fresh brass sound with a classic guitar made this song an instant hit. As soon as the song came out, my friends and I were dancing to the rhythm and singing the excellent lyrics. It was this song that got me hooked on The Brian Setzer Orchestra. Other tracks include my personal favorites “Sleepwalk,” a strictly instrumental piece with a slow, 50s rock feel and “Since I Don’t Have You,” a soft, romantic ballad. Another great song, “You’re the Boss,” features guest vocalist Gwen Stefani of the rock band, No Doubt. About half of the songs were recorded in the A50s and A60s by other artists, but Brian Setzer adds a flair that makes the songs his own. The 16-piece orchestra and back-up vocalists make The Brian Setzer Orchestra unlike any other band around. This music just makes me want to get up and dance. This band has re-opened the doors of swing music and brought back the energy and pizzazz that rocked the A40s and A50s. Many other new bands are trying to copy the sounds of swing, but not one succeeds as well as The Brian Setzer Orchestra. I definitely recommend this album to anyone looking for a change in style or who just loves music. All the songs on the album prove that Brian Setzer and his band have what it takes to be great. I’m extremely pleased with this album and suggest that you buy it today. Swing is once again here to stay and The Brian Setzer Orchestra is leading the way for the comeback.

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