The British Heart Foundation

1 January 2018

The British heart foundation is the British number one heart charity. British heart foundation famous quote is β€œis a world where people don’t die prematurely from heart disease.” The company was founded by a group of medical specialists in 1961 who wanted to give money to fund extra research to find out the causes of heart disease. They were highly concerned about the numbers of people with cardiovascular heart disease who were dying prematurely. They have been going 53 years and have been helping people from then until this very day. The British heart foundation take part in many events to raise money especially the even in September which is the oxford to Cambridge bike ride.

The British heart foundation is a charity, which means the business is in the tertiary sector also they are not looking to make any profits because they are raising money for a cause in order to prevent heart diseases.

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Which therefore means the British heart foundation is a non-profiting business.The British heart foundation is a charitable and a voluntary company so this means that they are in the voluntary sector and the private sector because they are a non-profiting organisation. The British heart foundation is a registered charity which means that all of their money which they raise either from donations or from selling their products in a shop will go to the charity itself.The British heart foundation is a charity on a large scale as they have more than 3,000 staff working for them across England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. They also have 25,492 volunteers in the UK with 22,742 In retail and 2,750 in fundraising events and their research. The British heart foundation is a national business as they have more than 735 stores over the UK.

There are stores in many cities and towns.

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