The Broken Heart Essay Research Paper Imagery

7 July 2017

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The Broken Heart Essay Research Paper Imagery
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The Broken Heart Essay, Research Paper

Imagination in “ The Broken Heart ”

John Donnes? verse form “ The Broken Heart ” is full of imagination, used to portray his broken bosom. Donne uses the imagination so we can acquire a ocular image of what love means to him. He uses the imagination because it? s necessary to see a image of the hurting he lives with. Donne uses several facets of imagination, including decease to demo his heartache and Donne besides does utilizations desperation to expose his hurting.

The image of decease was used throughout the verse form. “ ? Love so shortly decays, ” intending that love so rapidly dies. If you cut a flower and do non set it in H2O it will rapidly shrivel and decease. Another image of decease would be the pestilence. A pestilence is a widespread disease that causes 1000s of people to decease. The pestilence is besides synonymous with enduring. Donne writes that he has “ had the pestilence a twelvemonth, ” by composing this Donne has been deathly ill for what he thinks is a twelvemonth. Love, to Donne is something that you think about for a long clip so, hence, it seems that you have loved person for that long but in world it is merely a short period of clip. Harmonizing to Donne, love is really powerful and causes the widespread devastation to 1000s.

Donne besides uses the image of desperation and depression. In the 2nd stanza, he says “ Ah, what a trifle is a bosom, if one time into love? s hands it come! ” In these lines Donne gives us the image of a manus of love and a large bosom touching it. Once the bosom touches the manus

, it begins to shrivel because love has devoured it. Besides by stating this, Donne realizes that his bosom became small and has no value to him. He loved his miss, but she didn? t return that love, so, his bosom shrunk and now means nil to him. Donne besides gives us the image of love get downing his bosom whole. His bosom is such a trifle that it doesn? Ts need to be chewed up.

Last, he compares his bosom to a piece of glass ( mirror ) by stating “ those pieces still, through they be non unite ; and now as broken spectacless show a hundred lesser faces, so my shred of bosom can wish, wish, and adore, but after one such love, can love no more. ” In this quotation mark Donne show us that his bosom has been shattered into a 1000 pieces and that they are still in the topographic point where his bosom should be. Donne can ne’er mend his broken bosom ; hence, he will populate in hurting until he dies. In the last line of this quotation mark, Donne says that one time you have loved person that profoundly you can ne’er experience love like that once more.

John Donne uses several facets of imagination to portray a broken bosom. From his crisp graphic words you can see precisely what he was traveling through ; deep desperation. He loved that miss with all of his bosom and she shattered it. In poesy, a image would be the easiest manner to associate to what an writer wants to state because you can acquire a mental image of what the writer was seeking to portray through the crisp intense words of the verse form. He succeeded in his imagination because it about made you feel like you were enduring from a broken bosom.

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