The Broken Spears: The Aztec Account of the Conquest of Mexico Essay Sample

The writer Miguel Leon Pontilla of the book “The Broken Spears: The Aztec Account of the Conquest of Mexico. ” explained the point of position of the Aztecs when they were invaded by Spanish Conquistadors at that clip ( Leon-Portillo ) . There were different versions of the Conquest that surfaced. including those coming from the members of the Conquistadores that clip. Pontilla nevertheless. reflect new visible radiation on the point of position of the Aztecs. for the readers to cognize how they viewed the conquest. of the encroachers of their lands. and events that likely brought the terminal to their really ain civilisation.

Harmonizing to the writer. the Aztecs viewed the conquering as something which they didn’t expect. but it was non surprising how everything turned out. The Conquistadores were non barbarous people. and that everything that happened was all the effects of war. They are on a conquering. non in a bloodletting killing fling. The Aztecs vividly described how the war went. on how they saw new animals ( the Equus caballus was mistaken for a large hart ) . new faces. and finally assimilated into a new manner of life. The terminal of the Aztecs means an debut to a new manner of life. taking them off from human sacrificial rites and Acts of the Apostless of cannibalism. The conquering in the eyes of the Aztecs may be violent. cruel. and other negative descriptions that they can believe of. but it certain took them off their old ways. which is negative in the position of today’s society.

The book served its intent of demoing the readers how the Aztecs perceived the conquering of their lands. It was able to vividly depict how events unfolded at that clip. and how the people were affected by these events. As a reader. I learned a batch from what the writer wrote. particularly about the Aztec’s manner of life.

The writer was able to show his points through transitions of the Aztec history. These are description of the events at that clip. which the writer explained and provided his ain penetrations. He supported it with his ain account of the events and how an Aztec could hold viewed it. It justified the Conquest. every bit good as explained how war is fought during that clip. The writer was able to give a clear position of the worlds of war. Despite the atrociousnesss and the valuable losingss on both sides. wars are fought for at least one good cause. If the conquering of Aztec didn’t occur at that clip. the society that we would be populating in. or at least for those who lives in that country. would truly be different today.

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Leon-Portillo. Miguel.The Broken Spears: The Aztec Account of the Conquest of Mexico. Boston. Massachusetts: Beacon Press. 1992.

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