The Bronze Horseman

4 April 2015
An analysis of this famous poem by Alexander Pushkin.

This paper studies the work of poet Alexander Pushkin. The author examines the poem “The Bronze Horseman”, its themes of reform and terror, the symbolism of the poem, the characters of the poem, style and figures of speech used by the poet. The author looks at how this poem relates to the poet’s life and other works.
From the very beginning of his poem, Pushkin apparently wishes to demonstrate to the reader that his poem is about a real event and a real subject, why this is so important remains unclear. Pushkin cites his sources, much as a college student today is required to list his or her own consulted sources on a Works Cited page. The poem The Bronze Horseman is about a real event, a flood that occurred in St. Petersburg. It is also about a real statue located in St. Petersburg but Pushkin does not make any claims about the real nature of the statue, only about the reality of the flood.

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