The Business of Ethics

4 April 2015
A study of the importance of ethics in the global marketplace.

This paper analyzes business ethics in a global marketplace by comparing the practices of various companies. The writer discusses the claim that a new social conscience has dawned, an informed public demands that all of its concerns ” ethical as well as economic ” be met.
“The good faith of the public is an often-underrated factor in corporate success. Take the case of Sears Roebuck. Not wishing to go the way of Kmart and other corporate giants who have recently found themselves in Chapter 11, the management of Sears has implemented a program that is dedicated to attaining the highest possible level of corporate ethics. As with any successful ethics plan, the Sears plan starts at home. Happy employees are as essential to a successful business as satisfied customers. A contented workforce projects a positive corporate image. Upbeat employee attitudes are carried over into their dealings with the public. They provide better service, are more considerate and attentive, and more responsive to their clients’ needs. A well-served customer is a loyal customer, returning to the same company time and time again.”

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