The Butcher Boy A Book Report Essay

7 July 2017

The Butcher Boy: A Book Report Essay, Research Paper

The Butcher Boy A Book Report Essay Essay Example

Julian Mackler



Summer Reading Assignment: Drumhead

The Butcher Boy

By Patrick McCabe

The Butcher Boy is the narrative of a immature male child named Francis Leary turning up in a samll town in Ireland during the Cold War. Francis Leary tells the narrative as a narrative retrospect of his life. Turning the clock back 30 old ages or so, Francis? life is tough for that of a schoolboy? s: his male parent is a foul, wife-beating alky, and his female parent is a borderline-insane homemaker. Francis and his best friend, Joe Potter, would pass their yearss in the wood pretense to be Indians and John Wayne merely to get away world.

Philip Nugent was the same age as Francis and Joe, but ne’er spoke to them on history of his female parent, Mrs. Nugent. Runing into Francis and Joe, one twenty-four hours, as they are stealing apples from his household? s tree, they approach him. The boys notice that Philip has a figure of valuable cartoon strips and flim-flam him into merchandising them for his ain household? s apples. When Mrs. Nugent finds out about the conning of her boy, she decides to talk with the parents of Francis and Joe. After Mrs. Nugent calls Francis, ? No better than a bloody hog! ? Francis? female parent is no longer disquieted with Francis, but with Mrs. Nugent.

When Francis? female parent is committed to an refuge for depression, he is disquieted and begins taking his choler out on Philip Nugent. Mrs. Nugent tries to settle things with Francis? male parent, but fails due to the fact that he? s ne’er sober. After a twosome of months at the refuge, Francis? female parent returns place and begins to bake for her brother? s annually visit. The dark her brother leaves the house to return place, Francis? ( rummy ) male parent unleashes a whipping on her. That really dark, as he hears his female parent being beaten, Francis decides to run off to Dublin. After passing a hebdomad

or so in Dublin, Francis returns to his town to happen a funeral underway. It is the funeral of his female parent. He was told that she committed self-destruction. A hebdomad subsequently, out of fury, Francis lures Philip Nugent into a poulet privy and begins to crush him up with a concatenation. Joe so runs in and halt the whipping dragging Francis to their clubhouse in the wood. Once at that place, Joe takes Francis? manus and cuts it, he so cuts his ain, ? Swear that you? ll ne’er go near Philip Nugent once more! ? Then pressing each other? s hands together, they were now blood brothers.

The following twenty-four hours, Francis is walking by the Nugent? s house when he? s musca volitanss them go forthing to travel to church. He breaks unfastened the kitchen Windowss and begins to nail all of Mrs. Nugent? s bars on the floor. Francis, watching the telecasting so recalls her naming him, ? No better than a hog! ? he starts to compose? PIG? in lip rouge all over the house when Mrs. Nugent walks in and calls the constabulary. Francis is taken to a detainment centre where he spends a twosome of months. Disturbed after having a missive from Joe stating that Philip Nugent gave him a Carassius auratus that he won at the town carnival. After being released from the detainment centre, Francis is attacked by Philip? s uncles in requital for what he did him in the poulet privy. Sing Mrs. Nugent watch his onslaught with a smiling, Francis knew what had to be done. Somehow, Francis fends off the two uncles and goes after Mrs. Nugent. He returns to his meatman shop and collects some utensils and caputs to her house. Bing that everyone in town was occupied with the narrative that the local priest had see the Virgin Mary and said that she was coming, Francis found that it would be easy plenty to kill and dispose of her organic structure without being bothered.

The inside informations of the slaying are so upseting and ghastly. Acerate leaf to state, Francis is apprehended and is released from a mental institute 30 old ages subsequently from where he tells his narrative.

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