The Cabinet Essay Research Paper Although there

9 September 2017

The Cabinet Essay, Research Paper

Although there is nil in the fundamental law depicting a cabinet system, the framers believed that holding a cabinet system was necessary. Shortly before being sworn into office Washington consulted with Madison and Hamilton refering his function and responsibilities as president. The distinct to put up an advisory or adjunct thing for the president. Washington so asked to make three executive sections. One of War one of foreign personal businesss, and one for financial affairs. The cabinet is divided into sections, each section moving to ease any new force per unit areas that may originate. New sections are added each clip that this happens. Members in the cabinet are responsible for describing straight to the president, every bit good as Congress.

The executive office of the president s a mini bureaucratism. The EOP is located right following to the White House on Pennsylvania Avenue. The EOP was established in 1939 by FDR to supervise his New Deal statute law. The chief intent of the executive office of the president is to progress his presidential penchants. Over clip the EOP has expanded into eight consultative and policy devising agencie

s. The different bureaus advice the president in different countries like National Security, Economic, and the Office of Management and Budget. The National Security Council was established in 1947 to advice the president on foreign and military policies. The Council of Economic advisers advises the president on the economic state of affairs. It consists of three economic experts each with their ain staff.

The White House Staff consists of people who are really near and loyal to the president. It was created because the cabinet wasn & # 8217 ; t sufficiently near to the president after things in the state and authorities grew. Haldeman, one of Richard Nixons White House staff believed that his occupation was to take the heat for the president. Although all presidents have different ways of forming there white house staff, for the most portion ; they all have a Chief of Staff. The different functions of White House Staff include ; assisting with domestic policy, assisting to keep dealingss with Congress and involvement groups, aid in covering with the media, to supply economic expertness, and put to death political schemes. Presidents normally have a national security adviser as good.

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