The Cable Guy ( Ben Stiller )

4 April 2015
Reviews 1996 film’s portrayal of social & personal dangers of watching too much TV.

The Cable Guy is a feature film that has been sold largely as a vehicle for comedian Jim Carrey, though in fact it is something quite different. The film is a dark vision of a television-fed America and the consequences massive amounts of television-watching have on individuals and the public at large. Cable is the preferred method of delivery for the television signal today, and waiting for the cable guy to show up has become an American pastime. The wiring of America for cable has preceded the new attempt at wiring America for the computer, and each successive wave of technology raises similar political issues of access, equity, potential disenfranchisement, and the possibility of a twisted American psyche. Director Ben Stiller develops these issues in terms of the plot of the film and also through background elements such as a running trial on.

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