The Cambodian Genocide occurre…

The Cambodian Genocide occurred from April 1975- January 1979. A vicious communist named the Khmer Rouge murdered 21% of the population of Cambodia. Pol Pot, directed Khmer Rouge. The Cambodian Genocide was all started to make Cambodia into a communist, agricultural country. The Khmer Rouge was overpowered by the Vietnamese in 1979, the members left to China.Timeline:1965: Vietnam with with the US takes place; vietnam continue to look for refuge in cambodia.

1969: US raids of cambodia has begun.1970-75: Prince Sihanouk is thrown as monarch; Lon Nol has becomes president of Cambodia Prince Sihanouk joins forces with Khmer Rouge, which is gains power.April 17, 1975: Khmer Rouge attacks Phnom Penh and rules the city; removal of people whom have been living there all their lives to rural centers; Force unpaid agricultural labor, All dissidents, intellectuals, and Buddhist monks have been executed.1976: starvation began to be a problem in rural areas, as well as forced labor, purges continue upon Cambodian citizens.1977: Cambodia launches their attack against Vietnam.1979: Vietnamese troops invade Phnom Penh and overthrow Khmer Rouge; rebel figure comes to power, but Khmer Rouge continues in attempt to, once again, take over government.October 23, 1991: Paris Agreement signed by opposing forces in Cambodia (including Khmer Rouge); however, Khmer Rouge did not abide by all peace provisions1993: Cambodia forms alliance with the government and holds general elections (all organized by Khmer Rouge)1994: Khmer Rouge has been officially overthrown by Cambodian National Assembly.

How did the Cambodian Genocide affect the world?Cambodia has experienced a very gruesome time, a large loss of citizens, about a fourth of the population was lost. The cambodian Genocide has had a pretty relevant impact in the world. A generous amount of awareness was raised, through social media. Many movies and articles were dedicated to this sensitive event.Key Players?Pol Pot was a political leader of Khmer Rouge, a government that led Cambodia from 1975 to 1979. In that time, an estimated 1 and a half to 2 million Cambodians citizens passed away from starvation, diseases, overwork and execution. One detention center, S-21, was so iconic that only seven of the estimated 20,000 people held captive there are known to have survived.

The Khmer Rouge, in their attempt to change a classless communist society, was targeted at almost any person, if they were city residents, ethnic Vietnamese, religious leaders civil servants or intellectuals. Historians have noted that the Pol Pot government were the most notorious, savagely cruel in history.Khmer Ideology The Khmer Rouge influenced the separation to religion and family. All political and civil rights were forgotten. Formal education has come to an end, from January 1977, all children ranging from the age of eight were taken from their parents and were thrown in labour camps,which had only taught them violence. in the Khmer Rouge’s mentality, children were the backbone to the revolution as they believed they could be easily brainwashed, conditioned and taught to be obedient and to become soldiers and kill the enemy. Historical SignificanceThe Cambodian Genocide should be remembered for many reasons.

For it is the first time citizens have listened with separating the intellectuals from the non-intellectuals and killed the intellectuals. There has been countless of genocides but this one is is unique in its own way. It is different in a perspective, they not only damaged people physically but damaged them mentally, these citizens have been brainwashed. Another important reason it is relevant is because it was a time in history where a mass killing had been taken place. This will forever be in the books, as this is history for Cambodia.WORK CITED

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