The Capbell Chronicle Of Virginia Essay Research

9 September 2017

The Capbell Chronicle Of Virginia Essay, Research Paper

Thymine he Campbell Chronicle of Virginia

Reports and Column

Earlier today there was a bloody conflict

Fought near Bull Run, a little watercourse

About 30 stat mis southwest of Washington

D.C. This conflict marked the 2nd conflict

Of Bull Run. This war was brought about due

To the North? s failure to capture Richmond.

Now the North planned to unify the ground forcess of

McClellan and Pope, to scupper the metropolis. This

Plan failed nevertheless because Pope? s ground forces was held

Back by Robert E. Lee of the Confederates. To

Make affairs worse so Stonewall Jackson

Stumbled upon Pope from the opposite side. Now

Pope? s Army had no pick but to confront Jackson? s

Army, with Bull Run to their rear. This conflict

On for two yearss. The result was Pope retreated

North, the when joined by McClellan, and so

Went back to Washington. After they had retreated Lee went on to occupy Maryland. The

Ending consequence was a some assurance

for the Confederates, and a Victory for the South. This conflict

Was really right, because it gave us Confederates the assurance we need, to acquire through this Civil War

And come out on top. Before we were truly down, because the North has all the advantages, and

We are sort of the underdogs. We have encephalons though, and that? s what keeps us traveling. Besides we are

Bing led by one on the best Generals there is Robert. E. Lee, so we have a opportunity! ! This conflict was

a good measure towards the war, now we are ready for anything. As a consequence of this conflict the North are

Most likely traveling to believe twice before they come down here and seek to manhandle us. Which works

Out for us, because now we showed them we can contend, and that we are a challenge to them. So now

We can strategically be after what to make next, and do our ground forcess stronger. So when the North does

Make the error of coming down here once more to contend, we will be ready, and we will predominate, and we

We will come out on top, when everything is said and done, and the fume has cleared, The

Confederates will be winning! ! ! !

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