The Carter Cleaning Company Essay Sample

10 October 2017

Jack Carter’s claim of him non being able to be accused of being prejudiced because they hire largely adult females and minorities is merely non true. Jack can and will be apt for any unfair actions he has said or done to anyone within his company unless it is a bona fide occupational making for the occupation. Everything you say or do must be equal to all employees and new hires. Jack made several errors when non learning his directors about Equal Employment Opportunity and about what they can state and can non state or make to their possible hires and employees. Besides. sexual progresss towards two adult females had been discovered within the cleansing company and menaces had been made to fire her unless she socialized with him. Carter Cleaning Company can hence be sued for Sexual Harassment under the Federal Violence against Women Act of 1994. “It provides that a individual who commits a offense of force motivated by gender and therefore deprives another of her right shall be apt to the party injured” ( Dessler. 2013. p. 40 ) .

It was besides apparent that they had discriminated against a 73 twelvemonth old employee that had been with the company for over 50 old ages and had employees half of his age making the same occupation doing more money than he was. Under the Equal Pay Act of 1963. “it is improper to know apart in wage on the footing of sex when occupations involve equal work ; necessitate tantamount accomplishments. attempt. and duty ; and are performed under similar working conditions” ( Dessler. 2013. p. 33 ) Q2. Jennifer should turn to the sexual torment jobs by taking stairss to demo that they took sensible attention of the state of affairs.

To carry on the state of affairs professionally. Jennifer should take all ailments earnestly and do certain everything is in written order. She should so. “Issue a strong policy statement reprobating such behaviour. It should depict the forbidden behavior. assure protection against revenge. depict a confidential ailment procedure. and supply impartial probe and disciplinary action” ( Dressler. 2013. p. 42 ) . Jennifer will so necessitate to speak to other employees about the sexual torment policy and explain that it will non be tolerated. Following these stairss. Jennifer will so necessitate to. “Establish a direction response system that includes an immediate reaction and investigation” ( Dressler. 2013. p. 42 ) . She will so necessitate to do certain that she trains supervisors and directors about consciousness of these issues and that immediate action is taken towards anyone involved in a sexual torment issue. After sensible attention by Jennifer is established. she will so necessitate to register a charge with the EEOC.

Although the shop merely has a smattering of employees. this does non disbar them from being protected under any favoritism related issues. The Carter Cleaning Company will be covered under the EEO of 1964-1991. The Carter Cleaning Company is besides entitled and will be covered under the Equal Rights Legislation. However. they will non be covered under the 1964 Civil Rights Act which excludes employers with less than 15 employees to be covered. However. with The Carter Cleaning Company holding less than 15 employees it will be covered by the State and Local Equal Employment Opportunity Laws. “The consequence of the province or local Torahs is normally to cover employers who federal Torahs might otherwise lose. Many screen employers ( like those with less than 15 employees ) non covered by federal legislation” ( Dressler. 2013. p. 39 ) .

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