The Carter III by Lil' Wayne

Lil’ Wayne’s electrifying album The Carter III, shocked me and other eager Hip Hop/Rap fans. In this album you will find an interesting blend of sexual content, extraordinary creativity and astounding originality. Not only is the album beyond great but its unique placement of song choice creates a positive vibe for keen listeners to enjoy. Dwayne Carter often referred to as “Lil’ Wayne” met the expectations that were required by him from his past album, The Drought 3.
Lil’ Wayne’s fanatical imagination allows him to gain the interest of people by using startling metaphors and bizarre comparisons. “I’m a millionaire, I’m a young money millionaire tougher than Nigerian hair my criteria compared to your career just isn’t fair”, Lil’ Wayne simply refers to himself as being tough because of traditional idiosyncrasies kept by the Nigerians to have tough, long and good looking dreadlock hair. Lil’ Wayne’s capability of throwing words together to keep the listener guessing is a major role of his success. “Ima take it 1, 2, way back like a silk white beater with a wave cap”. This line here shows how Lil’ Wayne was preparing himself to remind people about the older rap industry. This album exemplifies innovation and conveys Lil’ Wayne’s thought of it as being colossal.
In Lil’ Wayne’s album the Dedication 3, he tends to talk about sex, drugs, and mature activities. Although Lil’ Wayne tried to sing a lot, the album is still a success. Lil’ Wayne’s multi collaborative album, Dedication 3, gives society a more diverse but interesting music to listen to. Many people proposed that this is the redemption of hip hop and the rebirth of Lil’ Wayne.
Lil’ Wayne’s talent on the microphone is the reason why he is considered on of the best “MCers” in the world. Lil’ Wayne illustrated his talent in The Carter III, he went beyond of what was anticipated and he gave Hip Hop one of the greatest albums in the century. From listening to The Carter III I know that Lil’ Wayne lived up to the potential of being the best rapper alive.

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