The Castle

6 June 2016

“The Castle” directed by Rob Sitch, is an Australian movie which expresses a variety of messages about the values connected with Australian culture. The Castle demonstrates themes of mateship, family values and team work. These values will be discussed about how these values are pre in the film and discussing how they occur in the film. Mateship is one of the strongest themes that stands out in the movie. For example Darryl, who finds his house in danger because the council want to expand the airport and acquire their home, he ran straight to Jack his elderly neighbour to check if he was doing ok. This kindness and caring Darryl shows all throughout out the film, by checking on others and their well-being before himself.

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Darryl fought for the community not just his family. He wanted the best for his family because his family mean the world to him, and because he doesn’t want them to get them hurt. Laurie shows mateship because he offers to be their lawyer and he offers to pay all Darryl’s bills because he wants to be his friend and wants to look after him. This kind of caring relationship is evident throughout the film through the characters willingness to support each other, for example when Dennis Denuto represents Darryl in court in spite of his lack of ability in the constitutional law.

The idea of spending quality time with friends is a very important component of mateship which is shown through Darryl’s keenness to look after Laurie and invite him up to Bonnie Doon with the rest of his family, he has a positive connections and relationships with all of his neighbours.

The idea of loyalty and honesty towards your family and friends are meant to be the people that mean the world to you, supporting each other all the way to the end. It is a value that the film focuses on and is put forward as the most important thing of all in relationships in Australia. Family Values is another key value in the film because there is lots of evidence of it in the film. Some examples of kindness and caring is when the family are always having dinner together in front of the TV watching Hey, Hey It’s Saturday and spend quality time with the family and this is important because this can develop happy and healthy relationships throughout the family. Darryl’s kind nature enables him to take great pride in his kids because he loves all of them and has a very special bond and his positive nature which helps him support his kids and make them better people.

He compliments on Sal’s cooking any time she cooks for the family and this makes her feel better about herself and encourages a her to keep doing what she’s doing for the family. When Darryl receives a gift from his family on Father’s day, he feels so loved and so happy when he receives gifts, he acts so grateful and happy towards all the members of his family. All the Kerrigan’s are always grateful people and of each other, and have special bonds between one another and have different ways of showing them they love each other.

All the members of the Kerrigan family are always cheerful and happy of all their achievements in the pool room, especially their greyhound racing awards, they are always proud and take great pride in their racing, he includes the grey hounds as part of their family because they mean so much to him and he treats them as people.

These family values of kindness, caring and honesty are very important to have in a family because relationships grow when people show these values. It helps you grow as a person and helps other people become other people as well.

The Castle is a really great movie to watch because it gives the viewer an example of what the values of Australian culture and values that Australian families have, especially honesty and caring which are Family values which are important values to have in a healthy family and how they important these make a family connect and spend as much time together as much as they can so they can help one another grow in to better people.

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