The Catharsis of Oedipus the King Essay Sample

10 October 2017

A katharsis is a Grecian word for a purification of emotions. Aristotle was the 1 who stated that a good calamity would incorporate a katharsis and he used the Oedipus Trilogies by Sophocles as the perfect illustration.Oedipus the Kingis a tragic narrative of how a male monarch is destroyed and comes to a atrocious katharsis.

Oedipus is the King of Thebes finds out that a prognostication that had caused his parents to hold him killed has come true. It was prophesied that Oedipus would kill his male parent and get married his female parent. After lasting the slaying. he was adopted and raised in royalty as he would hold if his parents had kept him. After he is grown. he finds out about the acceptance and when he leaves his state and on a hamlets. he meets a group of work forces that he mistakes for stealers. He kills a adult male.

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unaware that it was his biological male parent. He so arrives in Thebes and after delivering the metropolis from immorality. he marries the queen. Unknown to Oedipus. the queen. Jocasta. is his birth female parent.

By the terminal of the drama. the truth is revealed to all of the characters. This is where the katharsis takes topographic point. Jocasta is so fed up that she has married her boy and tire his kids that she hangs herself. Oedipus is delivered the intelligence that Jocasta is dead. On sing her organic structure. he grabs her pins and poke out his eyes. The physical hurting he must hold endured would hold to hold been about intolerable. but so the hurting of cognizing one married and impregnated one’s female parent and murdered one’s male parent would hold to be an intolerable hurting.

Oedipus so cries that he is non worthy to be male monarch of Thebes. and he pleads with his brother-in-law. Creon to take his throne. Creon is covetous of the throne and is more than willing to accept the offer. The lone thing that Oedipus petitions is that he take attention of his single girls. Oedipus begs to be exiled and as he leaves. he declares that his destiny is worse than decease.

Even though the audience knows that Oedipus had no cognition of what he was making at the clip. most would hold that the penalty that he brings on himself in the terminal is hideous plenty to pay for his offense. It leaves the audience with the feeling of commiseration yet the supporter has been purged. Therefore. Aristotle was right in the fact that he felt thatOedipus the Kingwas such a good illustration of a katharsis.

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