The Cause and Effect of Poverty Essay Sample

10 October 2017

Poverty exists all over the universe. regardless it’s a rich state or like some state in Africa. Even United States of America richest state in the universe. faces serious jobs with poorness. The cause and consequence of poorness can be lay to different procedures. The step cause of poorness is deficiency of money. but it is non the lone cause or consequence. However. the intent of this essay is to discourse some of the chief causes and effects of poorness. which are instruction. wars. hungriness. and natural catastrophes. The first and immediate cause of poorness is deficiency of instruction. In my point of position deficiency of instruction supports kids from obtaining occupations that would raise them and their households out of poorness.

Nowadays. instruction is the key to hold a life you want because without instruction it is non possible to happen better occupation or tohave a nice life. If you don’t have a better occupation. how can you win in life. The 2nd cause of poorness has to make with wars. Many hapless states are hapless because they are invariably contending wars. Wars cost 1000000s and one million millions dollar into arms. uniforms. nutrient. work force. etc. This is normally money that could travel citizens or plans but alternatively those financess are use into wars. Example: the war of Iraq cause so many things. such as economic crisis. lost of occupation. people lost their places. and the worse portion it cause was hungriness. Women and kids were enduring from hungriness.

The Cause and Effect of Poverty Essay Sample Essay Example

The first consequence of poorness is hunger. One of the most obvious consequence of poorness is hunger. Many kids around the universe are enduring right now for hungriness. because their parents’ don’t have money to purchase nutrient for them. Bing hapless consequence many things in person life. Another consequence of poorness. is an unequal instruction. Imagine parents aren’t able to pay their kids college fees. or direct their kids at school. non able to purchase apparels for them.

The 2nd consequence of poorness is unemployment ; this is one of import consequence of poorness because without employment it is non easy to last. If you are laid off. or unemployed. It might be hard to pay your measures. You could free your house ; even acquiring nutrient will be difficult. Some people lost self esteem. You might stoping up in the street stealing and drugs.

To reason. there are many cause and consequence of poorness. However. the chief roots that play critical function in our lives are deficiency of instruction. wars. hungriness. and unemployment. I think the four brinies list above are a human nature of lasting life. My grounds is that God create human being but he didn’t made us the same in life. Some are hapless. some are rich. some are light tegument. some are dark tegument. some have occupation. some don’t. some states ever contending. and some have peace. So we have to cover with it in order to survives.

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