The Cause of Poverty in Southeastern Ohio of the Appalachian Region and the Solution Essay Sample


In malice of being on top of the universe. America is fighting to extinguish poorness in some parts of its counties. The Appalachian part has long been a challenge to the authorities for coevalss. Possibly. President Johson’s declaration of “War on Poverty” in 1964 proved to be unsuccessful after all. or is it over already?


The world. “In 1990. for individuals 25 old ages and older. the area’s high school graduation rate was 69. 2 % ; for the province. it was 75. 7 % . The per capita income in Ohio’s Appalachian part was $ 15. 145 in 1993 ; 77 % of the statewide per capita income of $ 19. 696. The unemployment rate in Ohio’s Appalachian part was 6. 6 % in 1995. compared to a 4. 8 % unemployment rate in the full state” ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. good-works. net/stats. htm ) .

These figures may look to be really manageable. However. despite the promotion of engineering and research. America has non posed a sustainable solution to cover the insufficiencies and jobs in these parts. The inquiry. so is. “What is the ultimate cause of the poorness in Southeastern Ohio? ”


In an on-line article several spreads including income. occupation. health care among others were mentioned. All these are results of the biggest spread there is. instruction. The per centum of grownups non completing the 9th class is 12 % in the Appalachian part of Ohio. about three times the national average” ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. good-works. net/stats. htm ) .

“A huge organic structure of economic research demonstrates the positive nexus between educational attainment and the economic position of persons every bit good as parts and states. and that this nexus is causal” ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. clevelandfed. org/Research/Commentary/2007/020107. cfm ) . If the people in the part would put on their instruction and development to make full in the spreads. the part may so be sustainable and the economic job may be for good set aside.


For the clip being. stricter Torahs must be made as a policy for every individual in the province to be educated and to go on their instruction. This should be made compulsory. “Southeastern Ohio is a feasible location for hi-tech industry due to the location of eight higher instruction establishments throughout the part including Marietta College and Athens’ chief Ohio University campus. Portsmouth’s Shawnee State University offers one of the nation’s few four-year plans in computing machine gambling programming through its Fine. Digital and Performing Arts program” ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. ohiomeansbusiness. com/regions/southeast. php ) .


These establishments are available for their development and should be maximized to profit the people and the province for long term. Education should make full in the spreads that are mentioned and would set the people at par to how serious their state of affairs is and have been to the political and economic civilization of the state.


A batch of similar surveies have been made by research workers. every bit good as political and economic scientists on the cause of the poorness of the Appalachian part and until now there has non been a solution that has provided the province a lasting solution. Possibly. it is clip for the solution to be legislated so that the people will take the affair earnestly.


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