The Cause Of Ww1 Essay Research Paper

The Cause Of Ww1 Essay, Research Paper

The causes of W.W.I

It is agreed by most that World War One was one of the most annihilating events of all time to take topographic point on Earth, but the statement of which state should transport the load of duty continues on. However, many evident facts show that this Great War would ne’er would hold happened had it non been for the actions of Germany and Austria-Hungry. Once the inheritor to their throne was assassinated, Austria-Hungry looked for no other possibility but war to work out the job because of their unforesightful program to free themselves of a Slavic Nationalist motion. However, Austria-Hungry would ne’er hold started such a war had it non been for Germany & # 8217 ; s confidence that they would finance the Habsburg war attempt. The incrimination farther falls on Germany as Austria-Hungry wanted this war to be localized and it was the work of the Germans which took this little job, isolated in the Balkans, to a much larger graduated table. In their chase of universe domination, the Germans acted upon a program to affect Russia and France in a Great War on the continent. Germany had been fixing for such an event since 1905. Although many claim that it was the slug of Gavrilo Princip which started the war, it was Austria-Hungary & # 8217 ; s actions thenceforth which mobilized the whole continent for war.

It is of import to acknowledge the diplomatic dealingss between Serbia and Austria-Hungary before the eruption of World War One. One word can depict it: tense. Serbia had late gained independency and was stirring up a nationalist motion in Austria-Hungary. Austria-Hungary was cognizant of this and knew they could non afford to lose 8 million Serbs at a clip when they were happening it hard to fulfill so many racial groups in their imperium. There is no uncertainty that Austria-Hungary had a motivation in desiring to free themselves of this Slavic state. In August of 1914 at the beginning of WW1 when they declared war on Serbia, they claimed it was in revenge of Archduke Franz Ferdinand & # 8217 ; s blackwash. This was non a valid ground for declaring war though because at the clip, Austria-Hungary had no unequivocal cogent evidence that Serbia had any engagement in the blackwash. The blackwash of the Archduke was merely the alibi Austria-Hungary needed to oppress their Serbian neighbours. They made no effort to decide the state of affairs by diplomatic agencies except for a pathetic ultimatum and had already requested the assistance of Germany. Despite the fact that Austria-Hungary took no action to avoid a war, they knew that the country in which they were contending was one in which the Russian & # 8217 ; s took great involvement. Berchtold, the Austrian foreign curate, was good cognizant that any move onto Serbia would non be taken lightly by Russia but he felt that revenge would non take topographic point for old ages. Austria-Hungary gambled on a localised war but was to the full cognizant of the hazard they were taking in get downing a World War. Unfortunately, 1000000s of people died because of Berchtold & # 8217 ; s gamble. Had it non been for Austria-Hungary & # 8217 ; s reaction to the blackwash, World War One may ne’er hold taken topographic point.

Austria-Hungary, although purpose on oppressing their Serbian neighbours, may

non hold done so had it non been for the encouragement given them by the Germans. It was because of Germany publishing them a β€œblank check” did Austria-Hungary feel confident plenty to publish Serbia an ultimatum that no dignified state would hold to. In fact, it was because of the force per unit area placed on Austria-Hungary by the Imperial Chancellor Bethman that Austria-Hungary decided to travel to war.

That we took our determination to travel to war on the strength of the express statements both of the German Emperor and of the German Imperial Chancellor that they regarded the minute as suited and would be glad if we showed ourselves in earnest.

This remark made by Austria-Hungary & # 8217 ; s foreign curate shows that Germany was rebelliously a perpetrator in get downing the war with Serbia. Germany knew precisely what they were making when they made these remarks and were prepared for the effects. The Germans knew of bing confederations between other European powers which could hold dragged Russia and France into the struggle and were ready for such an happening.

In 1905, Germany & # 8217 ; s Chief of Staff, General Shlieffen, drew up conflict programs in the event that Germany were to be in a war against Russia and France. Along with this program, Germany began to fuel their turning industries with imperialistic actions. They began taking over parts of Africa and started an weaponries race with Britain. Even before World War One took Europe by surprise, it seemed as though Germany was the lone state fixing for it. It was so no such happenstance when they pressured Austria-Hungary into a war in which they knew most of the European powers would be dragged into. The Germans were rubing for war and they used Austria-Hungary to acquire it. The new Kaiser wanted his Germany to be a powerful state and a force to be reckoned with. The lone manner he could flex his turning musculus was to get down a war in which he knew he would win. It was for this ground that Germany started the war in the Balkans. It was Germany & # 8217 ; s readying that scared all the other European powers into mobilisation. Had Germany non been fixing for this war before anyone could hold imagined such an event-taking topographic point, World War One could hold been avoided in 1914? If Germany had non been prepared to contend a war on two foreparts, they would non hold taken the hazard of assisting the Habsburg Empire in a struggle that seemingly gave them no addition. It was Germany & # 8217 ; s readying and force per unit area on Austria-Hungary that caused World War One.

Although Germany and Austria-Hungary were non the lone states in the war, they were the lone 1s on whom duty can be placed. Russia, Britain, and France were merely responding to the moves that Germany and Austria-Hungary made. They could non disregard confederations they had made and Germany knew this. Austria-Hungary knew that Russia would respond subsequently, if non earlier, to their declaration of war on Serbia. Austria-Hungary and Germany knew the effects of their actions and still took them. These two states started the concatenation reaction, which ignited World War One. One can non get down a fire without a flicker. Austria-Hungary was the flicker and Germany was the gasolene to maintain the fire traveling.

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