The Cay

2 February 2017

The Cay By Emma Fleay The Cay is a fiction book based on two men, Timothy and Phillip, stranded on a Cay (island). Survival, isolation and racism are three themes that happened in the book that are listed bellow.

(Racism)Timothy and Phillip are different skin colours and aren’t getting along with each other. Phillip says to timothy (pg59) ‘’ you ugly black man, you’re stupid, you can’t even spell. Timothy slaps Phillip. Phillip realises that timothy is actually in charge not him selfAround in the 70s it was fine to call aboriginals or people with black skin, black people but today it’s called racism. Phillip and Timothy realise each other’s difference and then they treat each other nicely and get along, (Isolation) timothy and Phillip both feel worried and scared about the fact that they might not be able to get out of the cay. Phillip says ‘’ I’m blind and alone on a forgotten cay. And Timothy thinks to himself ‘’ we won’t get out of here, it will take months Survival) Timothy and Phillip have a few biscuits, keg (holds water), chocolate and matches to survive on the raft but when they get to the island there are coconut trees and a reef.

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Timothy makes shoes and a blanket made out of coconut leafs for Phillip. Timothy and Phillip end up been close friends. Timothy dies but Phillip feels hes still with him and promises to treat black people as equal. 1. Timothy Stew cat Phillip Written by Theodore Taylor

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