The Cell: Transport Mechanisms and Cell Permeability 1. Molecular motion: A and D 2. Velocity of molecular movement: B and C 4. Size of pores. Solubility in the lipid portion of the membrane and/or presence of membrane “carriers” for the substance(s). 5. Glucose- (a) move into the sac Albumin- (c) no movement Water- (b) move out of the cell NaCl- (a) move into the celll 7. Hypertonic- C- crenated Isotonic- B Hypotonic- A- hemolysis, bursting open due to swelling . A) faster diffusing gas- NH4OH B) Precipitate forms closer to the HCL side. 9) If a cell must use ATP to directly or indirectly transport the molecule it is active transport, if ATP is not needed for the transport it is passive. 10) Passive processes: a, c, eActive- b, d, f 11) The tube was in a dialysis sac which was in water. Since water moves down its concentration gradient it diffused from the beaker into the sac, where its concentration was lower.

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This caused the fluid column to rise in the tube. 12) Define the following terms: Diffusion: Movement of molecules from an area higher concentration to an area of lower concentration. Osmosis: Diffusion of water through a water permeable membrane from higher concentration to an area of lower water concentration. Simple diffusion: Movement of molecules from higher concentration to a lower concentration. Uses kinetic energy of the diffusing molecules.

Filtration: Movement of molecules across a membrane from an area of higher hydrostatic pressure to an area of lower hydrostatic pressure. Active Transport: Transport systems that require the cell to provide ATP. Phagocytosis: Intake of extracellular particles by extending the plasma membrane out around the particle. “Cell eating. ” Fluid-phase Endocytosis: Intake of extracellular fluids by vesicle formation. “Cell drinking. ”

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