The Challenge of Diversity Essay Sample

9 September 2017

Ambassador Francis X. Taylor ( 2004 ) . Assistant Secretary for Diplomatic Security and Director. Office of Foreign Mission. while turn toingaParticular Agent Graduation Class. stated that the organisations of America can non make without the “diversity of experience” that is expected in the state today. Thus. all justness and security organisations that represent the state must take history of diverseness. He added: “This diverseness of civilization and gender and experience encourages new positions and different ways of thought. And this provides jurisprudence enforcement organisations with an advantage. ”

Diverseness within the justness and security organisation allows the organisational members to hold a particular apprehension of the different sorts of people that the organisation must cover with. As an illustration. African Americans that work for the organisation may be particularly empathic toward the African American population. At the same clip. the call for justness and security can non let for favoritism. racism. or biass. After all.

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justness and security are every bit required by all people in the state. All the same. a justness and security organisation that represents assorted civilizations would be expected to protect the involvements of those civilizations. An organisation that does non stand for the assortment of civilizations that the state represents might be blamed for racism at some point. Sing that this organisation performs a critical service for the state at big. it is important to guard the organisational repute by availing the particular advantages of diverseness.

Yet another internal and external challenge posed by diverseness is that of different moral codifications that have been adopted by different civilizations and/or races. Given that a justness and security organisation can non follow different codifications of Torahs and processs for different peoples. it is the greatest challenge for the organisation to enforce a unvarying set of Torahs and processs for the state at big. There may be groups of people that do non believe in the set of Torahs adopted by the organisation. Nonetheless. the justness and security organisation that meets the challenges of diverseness must guarantee that the justness and security demands of all groups are met under its Torahs.


Taylor. Francis X. ( 2004. March 2 ) . Diverseness in the Diplomatic Security Service.U. S.

Department of State. Retrieved 12 July 2007. from hypertext transfer protocol: //www. province. gov/m/ds/rls/rm/30117. htm.

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