The Chambered Nautilus Essay Research Paper CHAMBERED

9 September 2017

The Chambered Nautilus Essay, Research Paper









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The chambered nuclear submarine is a cephalopod, which besides includes calamari, octopus, and cuttlefish, which belongs to mollusca. There are several species of the nuclear submarine, which include Allonautilus scrobiculatus, Nautilus belauensis, Nautilus macromphalus, Nautilus pompilius, Nautilus repertus, and Nautilus stenomphalus. The nuclear submarine is found in merely a 15degree set near the equator in the Pacific Ocean. ( soest )

The nuclear submarine has been around for over 500 million old ages, and has changed at all. It was one time one of the many different sorts of shelled cephalopods, but now is the lone one left. ( all resources )

The nautilus scopes from 500 to 1000 ft. under the ocean along reef inclines and walls. Nautiluss are scavengers feeding largely on crustaceans. Nautiluss live so deep because if they deeper than 800m there shells will go off and at 500m there shells will deluge.

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Nautiluss prefer H2O temperatures of around 21degrees C, that is another ground they live so deep. ( ozeman )

At dark the nuclear submarines rise to the deepness of 100 to 200 ft. to eat, though they are non nocturnal. This is the lone clip scientists have been able to analyze the nuclear submarine in it s natural home ground, and yet they still have to pin down them to detect them. The scientists use a trap, made out of either mesh or plastic, with a 12 hole in it. The trap is baited with fish or even sometimes even chicken. The scientists let the net set for the dark and draw it up the following forenoon to recover the gimmick. Due to the fact that the Chamberss in the nautilus s shell are filled with air, the animate being is unhurt when brought to the surface. ( underwater )

Hegarty 1

Nautiluss spend a batch of their clip rolling the underside. They propel themselves with a flexible tubing like jet. This jet can be directed at any angle to maneuver themselves around the reef. ( underwater )

Above its jet the nuclear submarine has a beaked oral cavity, like tha

T of other cephalopods. Around the oral cavity there are 80 to 100 really gluey tentacles, which enables the nuclear submarine to draw nutrient closer to it s oral cavity, such as the molted skeleton of spiny or slipper lobster. The full organic structure of this animal is located in the first chamber of the shell. When threatened the nautilus screens it s full organic structure with a tough flexible covering. ( submerged ) . The nautilus needs this sort of protection from animals like triggerfish, sea polo-necks, and sharks. ( Mrs. Koch )

The shell of the nuclear submarine is alone in which the interior is riddled with Chamberss ( 38 Chamberss ) . The nautilus uses these Chamberss to travel itself up and down in the H2O column. Even though the shell resembles that of a snail, the nuclear submarine is more closely related to the cephalopods. This form helps the nuclear submarine from being crushed under the tremendous force per unit area. ( Mrs. Koch )

Nautiluss can turn to every bit much as 12 in diameter and weigh 2 pound. The nautilus doesn T reach sexual adulthood until 15 to 20 old ages of age. Unlike other cephalopods, the nautilus lives after reproduction. Scientists re non certain as to how old nuclear submarines get to be. The nuclear submarines lay 1 + long eggs, which hatch into babes an 1 in diameter. ( Mrs. Koch )

The shells of the nuclear submarines have long been prized by worlds for their natural beauty. In the Tanon Strait of the Philippines the hole nautilus population has been wiped out because of over fishing and the fact it takes so long for nuclear submarines to make sexual adulthood. ( Mrs. Koch )

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