The Changing American Family

10 October 2016

The family is important to people all over the world. Although the structure of the family is quite different from one country another. In the USA,as in many countries in the world,the family is changing. A generation or two ago,the traditional family,in which the father was bossy,was customary. Now the modern family,in which both the father and the mother are equal partners is more common.

Although there are several similarities between the traditional and the modern family, there are also some very important differences. The traditional family of yesterday and the modern family of today have several similarities. The traditional family was a nuclear family and the modern family is too. The role of the father in the traditional family was to provide for his family. Similarly the father in the modern family is expected to the so,also.

The mother in the traditional family to care of the children’ physical and emotional needs just as the modern mother does. On the other hand there are some great differences between the traditional family and the modern family. The first important difference is in man’s role. The traditional husband was the head of the household because he was the only one who worked outside the home. If the wife worked for pay,then the husband was not considered to be good provider. In many families today both husband and wife work for pay.

Therefore they share the role of the head of household. In addition,the traditional husband usually made the big decision about spending money. However,the modern husband shares these decisions with his working wife. Also, the traditional husband didn’t help his wife with the housework or meal preparation. Dinner was ready when he came home. In contrast,the modern husband helps his working wife at home. He may do some of the household jobs,and it’s not unusual for him to cock.

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