The Characters of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare Essay Sample

10 October 2017

The chief characters ofJulius Caesarby William Shakespeare are predominately are educated. and political figures. Antony. Brutus. Cassius. and Caesar all likewise in some ways because of their similar backgrounds. but they besides have several differences.

Cassius and Caesar are the most likewise. The both have a gustatory sensation for power. and they have a job with following others. They have strong personalities and are natural leaders. Caesar has succeeded in obtaining the trueness of the Roman people and his ground forces. Cassius is the leader of the blackwash secret plan and besides has the ability to rock others to follow him. However. Caesar is more unfastened about his motivations while Cassius is more sly. He is non one who can associate with the common people. Caesar even says that he is thin and enjoys no pleasances. Caesar is rather the antonym. He does bask life and all of the pleasances that it brings.

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Cassius is plotting the blackwash of Caesar. but Caesar had defeated Pompeii whom he had one time sworn commitment.

Brutus and Antony are besides more likewise. They had both been loyal to Caesar and considered his closest friends. Brutus did bewray him while Antony remained loyal to the terminal. They both loved their state more than themselves. Brutus merely goes against Caesar because he is convinced he will declare himself king. Brutus would do good with his closest friend as male monarch. but he put what he thought was best for his fellow countrymen foremost. Antony. being a military adult male is every bit loyal to his ground forces and military as Brutus is to his countrymen. These two work forces are forced to do determination that will change the classs of their lives. Antony is far brighter and more trained than Brutus when it comes to military schemes When he is a portion of the blackwash squad. Brutus still takes the clip to acknowledge the good qualities that Caesar possessed. Antony besides praises the Brutus after his decease. He knew that he did the incorrect thing with honest purposes.

The drama. Julius Caesar has been enjoyed for 100s of old ages. This has been true because of the strong characters that Shakespeare displays to the audience. It will be entertaining for coevalss to come because of the strong plot line and the unforgettable characters.

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