The Cherokee Removal

1 January 2018

They had their own gender roles and religion; even eating food had a different definition than the white man’s culture. They had equality between genders, and other members of the tribe had equal rights to talk. But still white people called them “savage” or uncivilized for political reasons and not just because they were completely barbaric. In this society, task division can be Seen between genders. For example, women Would farm and men would hunt.

There was a townhouse where men and women would gather, it was a palace for debating and talking about important issues, and conduct ceremonies. The leader of the society was with one whom people would respect and follow him, rather than just a person who has born to office (p. 3). There were reasons that white men considered Native Americans “uncivilized. ” Cherokees or Native Americans were people who would live as a tribe, they had a leader and they would share the land that they were using for hunting.There were some laws and organizations. They had men who would fight and women who would farm and take care of the rest of the family.

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Their cloth was different than white people’s they wouldn’t cook their meat, they weren’t Christian, and they didn’t have any education. They believed it was up to them to keep everything around them in balance and when one of them was killed they thought it was their responsibility to telltale their death. Also, they believed men balanced women and hunting balanced farming.They also didn’t have any priority laws. By the end of asses relations between Americans and Native Americans changed. Since neither the united States nor Native Americans would give up their goals, the government of United States figured that to win Native Americans and get all they wanted, government needed to spend lots of money and time. The united States tried to figure out a peaceful way to communicate with Native Americans.

The new workable system fell to President George Washington’s first Secretary of War Henry Knox (p. 0).Henry Knox brought a new relation between Americans and Native Americans. Knox and Washington believed that the “uncivilized” Indian life was based on them not knowing better. On the other hand, their inferiority was cultural not racial (p. 1 1). In 1 791 they announced the Cherokees may be led to a greater civilized society instead of remaining hunters.

So women started to weave cloth, these Cherokee planters became rich, and the first law established in 1 808 was about preventing the theft horses, also Cherokees invented a system for writing the Cherokee language.The Indian Removal policy started by Andrew Jackson ND passed in 1830. In 1 sass the Georgia legislature planed a lottery system, that was system of land distribution and qualifying citizens could register for a chance to win these lands. United States could not force tribal leaders to sell their lands and many of leaders refused to sell their lands. However, in asses Resolution of Georgia General Assembly declared that under constitution, the federal government had no power in dealing with the Cherokees except regulate commerce. (p. 74).

Thus if the United States failed to obtain the Cherokee Nation for Georgia under the Compact of 1 802, the state could simply take their lands. Even though Supreme Court voted in favor of Cherokees about the Cherokee Nation and Georgia, but Georgia refused to follow the Supreme Court’s order. Jackson believed that civilizing Indians and settling them down caused us the loss of the opportunity to purchase their land. One of the important reasons of people like Jackson for supporting the idea of the Act of Removal was the United States discovered gold in their lands.The United States figured out in order to expand the cotton economy they needed more fertile lands, and the lands that Native Americans had were one of the most fertile lands. Also Lewis Case the governor of the Michigan territory was against the civilization program because he blamed the character and temperament of the Native Americans (p. 1 15).

Following the Removal Act, Catherine Beechen stood for American women standing up against Cherokee Removal at the time when women had few political openings. She wrote a widely distributed circular in which she called on women to petition congress to defeat the impending Indian Removal Act” (p. 1 11). Many of the Cherokees were against the Act of Removal, but there was no agreement among them just like American society. Many of the Native American women was outside of political argument they used to farm and take care of their families but the Removal Act provided an opportunity for Cherokee women to talk out to the Cherokee National Council.They believed it is their duty as mothers to guide their chiefs, they believed that they have grown up in the land that god gave them and they didn’t like to be removed to another country and this would be like destroying your mothers (p. 1 32) mothers or Cherokee women believed that the Removal Act would destroy everything they have, The force to go west increased in the sass but few Cherokees agreed to move beyond Mississippi and under terms of Treaty of New Echoed, the Cherokees had to move in two years but most Cherokees resisted to move.

The deadline approached and only two thousand Cherokees moved west. The Trail of Tears was from removing Indians from their land and moving them west by force. About three thousands of them were divided in to three groups in the last group, Lewis Ross brother of John Ross, was in charge of providing transportation tolls for roads, blankets in roads. The final group arrived in late March. About Houston of Cherokees died in the middle of the trial because the removal was very long and the weather was unconditional (p. 68). As they finally were forced to leave their land, despite losing their home, and losing many families in the middle of eight hundred mile even though moving out from their home land was meant to them as destroying everything they have.

But still these people showed their capability of coping with harsh situations. As it is obvious they didn’t get any stronger. Nowadays, they are not famous unfortunately as it goes these people will get more Americanizes and will forget more about their past.

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