The Children Act: A Piece of Legislation Essay Sample

10 October 2017

The Children Act ( 2004 ) is a piece of statute law devising certain that every kid affairs this influences our day-to-day pattern as every kid has the right excessively being healthy therefor staff provide healthy repasts and promote kids to eat healthy at place. Staff would besides do certain the kids get adequate exercising while in their attention. Staying safe is another facet of the Children Act this means practicians must maintain kids safe by doing certain everyone in the scene has been CRB checked and all issues are locked. If a member of staff is concerned about the child’s public assistance we must describe it to guarantee the child’s safety. The Children Act states kids should be basking and accomplishing this influences working pattern as staff have to be after lessons which will be gratifying for the kids but besides make them accomplish. Making a positive part is another statement from the Children Act if all the above is achieved this should hike the child’s assurance plenty so they do lend. Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act ( 2006 ) was designed to do certain that grownups working with kids and other vulnerable groups are assessed. This influences working pattern as scenes have changed the usage of voluntaries and other services. it besides makes certain people who have non been Criminal Records Bureau ( CRB ) checked must ne’er be left entirely with kids.

The Equality Act ( 2010 ) simplifies the current Torahs and puts them all together in one piece of statute law. Besides. it makes the jurisprudence stronger in some countries. Some of the features protected are age. disablement. gender and race. This will act upon working pattern as all of these features must be taken into history and protected whilst in a scene. Protection of kids act ( 1999 ) creates a system for placing individuals considered to be unsuitable to work with kids. This act protects all kids who will be traveling to a scene. The Protection of kids act insures things such as National Criminal Records Bureau are carried out to see children’s safety.

This influences working practise as all people working or sing a scene will hold to hold a condemnable records bureau check to do certain they practitioner is suited to work with kids. Data Protection Act ( 1989 ) is a jurisprudence on the processing of informations and placing people. The act was put in topographic point to protect people’s cardinal rights and provides a manner for persons to command information about themselves. This act influences working pattern as practicians must hive away information about kids right for illustration holding it locked in a cabinet. This act besides insures that the practician can non portion this information with anyone out of the scene. and if the parent wishes to see the information about their kid they have a right to make so.

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