The Children of Darkness by Stephen B. Oates Essay Sample

9 September 2017


‘The Children of Darkness’ written by Stephen Oates reflects the life of black slaves. specifically Nat Turner. which started in the twelvemonth 1800 to come to a concluding blast by the early 1830s. It talks of the mysterious. prophetic Nat Turner of Virginia’s Southampton County… “an isolated. destitute vicinity located along the boundary line in the southeasterly portion of the state” ( Oates 97 ) . [ 1 ] Sure that he was ‘divinely appointed’ . he made usage of illegal spiritual meetings. acquiring amazing support from the local Negroes that he was genuinely appointed by Jehovah to finish a mission that can be likened to the mission set to the prophesier Moses or to Ezekiel. As Jehovah ordered. “Slay utterly old and immature. both amahs and small kids. and women…” ( Oates 101 ) . so did he order that all Whites around the county be slain on that 21stof August 1831. But there were a 100 thousand work forces in the reserves force led by the Whites.

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and the figure of black people originally ordered to take clasp of Nat’s mission count to merely a sum of seven. Still. seeing marks in the Sun and in the workss. forests and shrubs around the farm. Nat believed that that was the appointive clip set by Jehovah.

Main Body

The spiritual meetings conducted by black and white sermonizers around counties hold a important place of the true ground why an rebellion took topographic point during Nat’s clip. The “ranting buzzword about equality” ( Oates 98 ) dug deep into the psyche of the niggas. and as faith appears to be one of the most effectual ways of pulling and acquiring support from the common people. Nat Turner—who believed himself to possess Godhead. spiritual powers—spread the impression that he was genuinely a prophesier sent by God to salvage His people. A ‘self-proclaimed’ prophesier though. he was able to exercise a powerful influence to the black population. particularly that he was more erudite. intelligent. passionate and perceptive.

He carried the head and psyche of a freewoman yet carried with him the yoke of a black slave. He was devoted to fasting and supplication. yet misunderstood rather deliberately that God is extremely wise. such that He wouldnontrade with the Hebrews more than five thousand old ages back the same manner He deals with the Negroes of the 1800 A. D. The Bible has changed dramatically over centuries. and it has been renewed since the clip of the New Testament. such that killing and murdering people arenonthe right class of moving ‘divinely’ during these yearss. Nat envisioned himself to be like Jesus—slain and slaughtered. crucified for the interest of the people—but this Jesus did non mistreat or kill people before He was crucified to decease. Nat’s mission is extremelyout of the manner. since he led Rebels to kill their ain neighbours and friends—even Travis whom Nat Turner himself considered to be “a sort master” ( Oates 100 ) . Religion has no portion in the true nature of his mission. but societal and political issues.


To see slain organic structures “in soundless satisfaction” ( Oates 103 ) is ironicallynonthe nature of a true. God-ordained prophesier. More so. to be utterly rummy in the brandy basement while finishing the mission ( Oates 103 ) . or to travel on concealing while his comrades are being captured ( Oates 105 ) . are besidesnonthe nature of a true. God-ordained and epic prophesier. For these grounds. it resulted to many black slaves tie ining and assisting the white population around the county. as it appeared that what the Rebels pursued to carry through does non reflect a justifiable and positively acceptable sort of mission. What Nat Turner did successfully. though. was to bring down the society in footings of the importance of covering with bondage consistently and more conspicuously. although more black people were slain—some of which were innocent—as a consequence of the white people’s hatred to the insurgents that spread blood around the country. Whether it is the work of a ‘solitary fanatic’ or the fomenters and the black sermonizers. it appears that freedom and legal rights are. so. really hard to accomplish. Yet when people are in turbulency. and slave unrest leads its manner to insurrection secret plans and public hangings.the release of freedom and legal rights are about to support its manner.

Book mention:

Oates. Stephen. “Children of Darkness. ”Title of Book.Topographic point of publication: Publisher. twelvemonth published.

[ 1 ] Oates. Stephen. “Children of Darkness. ”Title of Book.Topographic point of publication: Publisher. twelvemonth published.

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