The Choice Changes My Life

“I’ll join volleyball club!” I decided in my mind. I determined it when I was grade six due to my older sister. She was playing volleyball in the middle school club and she revealed that the teacher assigned her grueling training, but practicing it was very exciting. According to her, they needed more players and I loved to do a thing which can amuses me. Also I noticed playing volleyball with my sister would delight my life after I entered middle school. I tried to keep it as a secret until I graduate from elementary school, but I was psyched to play volleyball with my sister, so I disclosed about entering volleyball club to my mother. She grinned at me and said with happiness, “That’s sound interesting!” I believed my sister would also welcome me to play it, so I told her that I would enter the club.
“Eeeh! Don’t join the same club as me! I don’t wanna you to come because my friends gonna say something about you and me. And I don’t think you do well in this team. Just do the other sports.” The words came out from her mouth promptly while we were having a dinner. I went blank and only the smell and taste of Miso-soup left in my sense. It was totally unexpected answer that I got. After a while, I realized that she rejected me and waves of tears splash down my face. I begged her that I really desired to enter the team and my mother also asked her to let me in that sports club, but she refused steadfastly. Now, my dream just got shot down by her. Choosing the club for middle school was really important for us because if I decided in one team, then I had to continue playing for three years. Unfortunately, the last option that I had been given was to change my club. There were several choices that I could choose which were badminton, traffic, Kendo, and Wind Orchestra. At first, I thought about wind orchestra, but I liked physical activity and exercise, so I deleted it from my option. The other day, I questioned to my family for some advices and my oldest sister responded me very excitingly, “Why don’t you play badminton? It will be good for you. If you became older, then you can play with me.” Deliberating about that idea, I glanced at my oldest sister and she grinned at me proudly.
Afterward, I enrolled in middle school and joined the badminton club which my oldest sister recommended to me. I played pretty good in that team and I learned basic skills. There were plenty to talk about it with my family, especially with my oldest sister and my older sister and I competed each other about which club was better either badminton or volleyball. However, I had to sojourn in Thailand, so I got only one year to play. I decided to bring my new racket to Thailand, but I worried that I might not possess opportunity to play badminton in Thailand. When I stared at my racket, it seemed the racket looked at me ruefully, so I felt really sorry for it.
Luckily, after I lived in Thailand, I had opportunity to play badminton at school and I joined JV badminton team. At that time, my English skill was not that good, but by playing with other people, I learned both English and new badminton techniques. In that year, our team got first place in BISAC and I got Most Improved Player. That changed my life at school also. I tried to speak English to people actively and did my best every time for all things.
Currently, I can declare that if I chose to do volleyball when I was in middle school, then I lost the chance to play badminton with my teammate and my personality might not be active as what I am. Also, I might miss the time that I talked with my oldest sister. Although losing my first dream was a pity, I delight in playing badminton and rest of my life.

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