The Choice: “The Corp of Discovery” Essay Sample

Joining Meriwether Lewis and William Clark’s expedition to the Pacific would be most exciting and educational than tugging along the backbreaking trek to the Great Salt Lake headed by Church of jesus christ of latter-day saintss in hunt of safety ( Utah Travel Industry ) or going across the state on a waggon trail to Oregon ( Flora ) . Furthermore. voyaging to the Pacific and researching the western districts in the Lewis and Clark expedition is a worthwhile experience because of its fruitful part to the state. The caput of authorities during that clip was Thomas Jefferson. The Louisiana Purchase Treaty allowed the authorities to be in ownership of districts in the western parts of the universe. Jefferson ordered Lewis to carry on an expedition in order to research the western parts and at the same clip. detect a path that is accessible by H2O to the Pacific. ( The National Archives )

Lewis and Clark have made legion finds and parts particularly to the field of scientific discipline. First. they have met Indians. whom they ab initio thought were “armed and unsafe. However. their first and 2nd contact with Indian folks in Missouri was warm and pleasant as the Sioux folk welcomed them affably. They continued with their expedition until the winter season when the icy Waterss hindered them from acquiring on with the expedition. By this clip. they have reached North Dakota. When they continued on with their expedition. they have experienced a batch of things such as seeing unfamiliar animals like the silvertip bears. made contact with Sacagawea. see the Rocky Mountains and the Great Falls for the first clip. searched for the cantonment of the Shoshone folk to inquire for Equus caballuss in order to go on with the expedition. ran into a group of flathead Indians. and eventually. making the Pacific ocean. ( National Geographic )

Although the people who joined the expedition about died of cold and famishment and had troubles voyaging to the Pacific. the full journey was a rewarding experience. Having to see the impressiveness of nature and the ne’er before seen beautiful sceneries is adequate to convert me of traveling with “The Corp of Discovery. ”

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