The Christian Concept of a Creator

4 April 2015
This paper discusses that Christianity teaches man to believe in one Supreme Being who is the sole Creator of the Universe.

This paper illustrates that Christianity believes firmly in the concept of the Creator. The author then compares this concept with the views of Sigmund Freud and William James. He states that both Freud and James held theories which are in conflict with Christian beliefs.
“Sigmund Freud was one such man who totally dismissed religious beliefs because in his research on psychology, he did not find any evidence to support the existence of Creator. Therefore in his view Creator was nothing more than a manifestation of man’s childhood neurosis. He felt that since as children, we all need to believe in the concept of loving caring soul, that is why we start believing in Creator but as we grow older, the roots of this idea weaken and some of us start doubting religious beliefs. ”

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